Monday, September 1, 2008

IT's That Time of the Month!

16 MONTHS since LID!

WOW! Where did this month go? It was so busy and full of fun things. That was a fast month and did not drag on. That makes it so much easier.

We just got back in town today from visiting family and friends in Southern CA. We had a lovely time. Somehow it is always to short. I will post some pictures and journal about the trip soon.

Gabby starts back to school tomorrow. I am helping with the Welcome Tea at her school for the moms. Should be fun. Made some yummy Morning Glory Muffins and Chocolate and Banana Muffins to take.


Kayce said...

Happy 16!

I too spent the weekend in SoCal, it was so nice down there! Have a great week.

k1 said...


Welcome back! Hope you had a great time.

I'm sure Ruth would love having something from you to celebrate Abigail's addition to their family.

Email me at and I can get you mailing or drop off instructions!

Karen K1

Frizzy and Bird said...

Blog Around the World is a group of bloggers who joined Debbie and each day she features a different state or even country. We get to hear about what is exciting and sometimes even not exciting about that area plus learn about other bloggers at the same time. It's only a month old and has been tons of fun. Check it out! I so wish we could actually go to these places together rather than just through the computer. It's fun no less. I gotta come back and read more of your A story. They are all such miracles. I know our little YaYa sure is. ;) Yes, I'm a proud momma!

Cora said...

Happy 16 months!
Hope the referrals keep coming quickly!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 16 months...
We are in this together...
Keep them coming..