Monday, March 8, 2010

Medical Exam Day

Today was our appt. for Jon Jon's Medical Exam. We went to breakfast first and met a few families all there feeding their children. There were about 7 families and only 2 girls out of 7. I thought that was very interesting. The breakfast buffet is okay and nothing like the Dolton Hotel. They do have an few Western and Chinese items plus the normal eggs, fruit, breads and cereals. We met Richard in the lobby and then it was short walk to the Medical Examiner's office. Jon Jon actually sat in the stroller without a fight! Yippee. When we tried it last night he just cried and would not sit down in it.
Saw our friends in the Medical exam office. Unfortunately I did not get to talk with Diana much as Sienna was having to get 7 shots!! Oh my heart just broke for them. That is just so cruel to do and not very safe either. Jon Jon was up to date on his Immunizations and he is 22.5 lbs. and they said he is 41" tall. No way he is that tall. He is maybe 30 " tall. Everything that I brought for him to wear is a 24 mos or a 2 T and he is swimming in them!! I am rolling up the pants, sleeves and the waists.
They did a simple ENT exam and his hearing is intact as is his eye sight on both sides. Praise the Lord!!
He was cooperative for the whole exam and did not seem to mind it!
Next stop was the jewelry market downtown where we bought some pearls. It was so interesting to see the string them and tie them off individually. We then found a deliciousVegetarian Chinese Restaurant that had wonderful yummy food. You could not tell it was not real meat. It was so delicious!! Lots of pan handlers and people begging for money.
Next stop the temple. So stunning and elaborate the carvings and gilded gold Buddha's. Simply gorgeous. Lots of offerings of fruits and flowers as the Buddha's are vegetarian. The incense was sweet and not too overwhelming.
We came back to the Victory and moved into our suite. It is much larger and we can move around now. I would not recommend staying here. It is old with dirty carpets, found black mold in the bathrooms and the towels are old and graying. I would pay the extra money and stay at the White Swan. It is a beautiful hotel and it is well maintained.
Our boy is opening up more and more everyday. If I go to the bathroom and shut the door he stands out side and yells for me Mama! He is now giving us high 5's and beginning to blow kisses to us and catch ours. He loves to be held. We are having him fall asleep in our bed and then after he is asleep we move him to the crib. He is now waking up in the morning without crying.
He loves to play and be busy!! Cora can you see he loves your hat you gave him!! He knew that to be cool you wear it backwards or to the side! I was so amazed....
Hugs to all!!

The days run together!!

Friday we took the Bullet train from Changsha, Hunan to Guangzhou, Guangdong it is a 2.5 hour ride. The train travels at up to 250 mph. What an incredible treat it was to see the country side with oxen, families working in the rice pads, occasional cow, and very poor shacks. We went thorough some cities on the way that were heavily populated. When we got to GZ we had an hour ride in the Victory Hotel bus which is a Mercedes Benz van. It was interesting to see more expensive cars like BMW's and some Porsche's. The city is bustling with activity and people do not have the right of way cars do!! That is so scary to me. If a person is crossing the street and can not make it all the way across they stop where they are and the cars go around them.
Got to the Victory Hotel and the new wing where we were going to stay is having alot of construction going on around it. So we were put in a standard room in the old wing. Well, there was literally no room to move around with the luggage. on top of it the brought us a baby stroller, a baby bath and a crib. We were crawling over each other. I was miserable. We called downstairs and we are moving to a Chinese Suite tomorrow afternoon. The old section is just that old!! It is still extremely noisy with all of the government construction going on on the sidewalks. Richard our guide said this is the 3rd time they have torn up the side walks in the last few months. It is crazy here....
So, we ate some fried rice and curry chicken for dinner. It was yummy. Tomorrow we go to have Jon Jon's medical exam at 10 am. Then we will go shopping for pearls, out to lunch at a Vegetarian restaurant and to a temple.
Should be fun. I am beginning to get very homesick for my girl. It is so hard to be here and she is at home. We found out that she is sick and that is even more difficult. Pray that she gets over her cold soon.
We definitley have a Spicey boy from Hunan!! It sure is fun though. Whereever we go he attracks attention. He says hi and bye to everyone and gives them big smiles!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thursday In Changsha

This is the boy that I have been dreaming about...... He has simply stolen my heart and I am so in love with him!! He has begun to trust us and rely on us for things. He reaches out for us to pick him up and hold him! He is beginning to show us smiles and laughs at things. He loves to be active and play rough and tumble with Daddy.
He knows how to wink at me!! He is beginning to give us high 5's, He will say huh... when you call him. We continue to use Wei and Jon Jon until he has accepted his new name. The title of my blog just simply says it all about my boy!! He knows how to brush his teeth, He helps you put on his clothes and tries to zip and snap them. He can put on his shoes and Velcro them. I am in awe of what he can do!!! He can use a fork and spoon to feed himself. Combs and brushes his hair.
The things we still need to work on are the spitting on the floor, throwing trash on the floor, blowing our nose out without Kleenex, ,throwing trash in the toilet.
God is so amazing in finding our son that is so perfect for our family. He knew when to present him to us and when Jon Jon was ready to be ours! A Match Made In Heaven!!!
We spent the day at The Mummy museum and then an Industrial Arts school where they do the beautiful embroidery. Changsha is known for their embroidery. We were able to see the factory room where the girls were all working on different pieces. Simply beautiful. I bought a few little items to take home and share. While we were at the museum We let Jon Jon walk alittle bit on his own with one of us next too him. He walks with his hands behind his back like the grampa's. It is so adorable!! We were unable to use flash in there. I promise I will get a picture of it though!
Tomorrow we will go back to the CCAA here in Changsha to pick up Jon Jon's Chinese passport. Then we are off to the train station. I will not post tomorrow.
Hugs to all!!

A cold and Rainy day!

Today was a really cold and windy day here in Changsha. We decided to for go the museums and just hang out at the hotel.
We had a leisurely breakfast and then went to the playroom. Okay this boy can figure out anything!! He is already trying to ride a bike with training wheels! I will see if we can upload the video. He loves to climb up the slide and is hesitant to slide down but will with encouragement. He loves to push the stroller around without a dolly. He is copying us making towers with blocks. He continues to want his socks off all the time!!
Everywhere we go he draws attention with his social personality, waving hi or bye to everyone. People can get him to smile, but he will not readily give them to us. Hugs and Kisses no way... this I know will come with time. He definitely knows we are his Mama and Baba and he has a Jie Jie as he is saying it all the time and will point to the picture book we gave him. He also says a form of our last name. He is active and loves to be busy!
Nap time and bed time continue to be a struggle taking a half n hour to get him down. His eating is great. Tantrums continue if he does not get his way for things. There is no way he will use any bottle but the one he came with. This is a struggle. Keep praying that with time this will change before we have that long flight home.
Today we heard some loud bangs and looked out of our 30 floor window and below us fireworks were going off. Asked our guide about this and he said they will use fireworks to announce a new store or a sale going on for a store. Kinda fun to see! The windows have alot of condensation on them all the time and we have to wipe them down to see out side.
Wish we were in a group. That is the hardest part about this. We have met some of the families at breakfast but they are all doing things as a group. Saw Diana again and we hope to get together soon!
We decided to take the Bullet train on Friday from Changsha to Guangzhou. It will be a fun experience and give us the opportunity to see some of the countryside. Changsha is a very busy and noisy city with cars honking all hours of the day. You still see the carts pulled by farmers and then in contrast you see the luxury cars like Lexus, Volvo's, and Audi's.
Tomorrow we will be going to the Museum that has a mummy from 3,000. yrs ago. The found her tomb back in 1978. She came from a wealthy family and was buried with alot.
Continue to pray for Jon Jon to trust us and begin to show us some smiles.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

He Is Officially Ours!

Where do I start? Jon Jon was good at the CCAA here in Changsha yesterday. Like one of you said he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He took the little truck from me and got down on the floor and started playing with it. It was very sweet. He would roll it over to me and I would roll it back to him. I tried to give him some time to play before I overwhelmed him and picked him up. I think it helped. When I did get to hold him he was fine with it. This is also a child that loves people and will want to be help by everyone at the ZZ orphanage.
I was disappointed that his foster mom did not come. They told me that her husband was sick and therefore she could not come. I also found out as others have told me is that he was placed back at the ZZ orphanage 5 days before Gotcha Day. So, he has already had one transition to go through before he came to us. : (
The ride in the van was fine until he realized that he was being taken away. That is when he started fussing,talking and trying to get out of my lap. He is extremely strong and as he stared crying and sobbing he would throw himself backwards! There were a couple of times i thought I would drop him! SCARY!!!
We got back to the hotel room and this went on for around 45 minutes. Finally we got him to take a bottle and I rocker him to sleep. He napped for about 2.5 hours which meant it was 7:30 pm. I decided that I needed to wake him up so he would sleep through the night. He woke up okay and then he munched on some Cheerios's, congee and banana puff's. He loves Cheerios's and doesn't like the puff's. Congee he is not a huge fan of. It is so interesting to see how each child is different. You can never be fully prepared for your individual child before you come over here. I brought Soy based Similac and he is on a milk based formula. I am trying to mix it in as he progress him.
When we got the report from the caregiver on Monday she reported that he was just taking a bottle and also some gruel which is like rice cereal mixed into the formula. Well from other reports I had he was eating alot more solid foods. Interesting conflict of information. All I can tell you is go with your gut and see where your child is at. He loves food and will try anything once if he likes it yippee if not he spits it out. Make sure you bring lots of bibs. especially the kind that is vinyl and with the pocket in front. Those have been our lifesavers. The care giver also reported that he got up between 10-12 and had a bottle. So far he has slept through the night.
Getting him to bed is a chore and struggle. It took us around 30 minutes to get him down. We held him, we placed him in the bed between us,tried to give him a bottle and nothing really worked. Finally patting him on his bottom for 30 + minutes while he was on his tummy put him out. Then we transferred him back to the crib.
Today, he woke up pretty easy. We gave him his first bath and when would not sit down and immediately pee ed in the water!! so we had a standing up bath! Breakfast we had him sit in my lap and I fed him. He ate alot, loves melon banana's,breads polenta, fried rice etc. The buffet here is incredible with both a Chinese and Western style food.
We went back to the CCAA in Changsha today and had our ceremony where the ask you questions about why you want to adopt, would you ever abandon him and do we still want him after 24 hours. We had a picture taken with the director of Zhou Zhou Orphanage.
Then it was off to Wal Mart. That was an experience ! It is a huge building with about 3 floolrs. The food are is like a market in Europe with all of the different meats, breads, fish and exotic foods. I also looked for some clothes for Jon Jon . He is still in an 18-24 month size which is big. Alas though nothing in his size. So, meanwhile we just roll everything up and roll over the waist bands.
Then we came back to the room and just played,napped and got to see how incredibly smart this little one is!! You show him how to do something once and he has it or he problem solves it on his own before you can show him. Thank you Lord!!
I will post more tomorrow. We have a very busy schedule and it is hard to find time to post with a little one. : )

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gotcha Day!!

We arrived in Changsha Monday afternoon at 1:15 pm. We meet Richard at the airport and we went directly to the Dalton Hotel which is a beautiful 5 start hotel . We dropped off our luggage got out the foster mom's gift and our travel documents and were off to the Civil Affairs office,
When we got upstairs to the room to meet Jon Jon there were several families already there waiting ton meet their precious children. I immediately recognized Diana from First a Pearl and Then 2 Rubies. We hugged and cried as we waited for our children. The 4 families all got their children first.and Jon Jon was in route from ZhouZhou Orphanage. It gave me chance to see how the children reacted and what they were going through. It was hard to see as the children were having a hard time. Some of them crying or sobbing uncontrollably. My heart was breaking and tears were rolling down my face as I was taking pictures of them all.
Then I saw him coming down the hallway.... It was avery overwhelming and emotional time. Unfortunately all the other families were busy with their children that we did not have help taking pictures. So you seen me with Jon Jon and not Hubby.. He is all bundled up and adorable. He is tinier that what we thought. I was so glad to see him. He did not cry or sob until we got half way to the hotel room.Then we let us have it!! It took about 45 minutes for him to calm down. He finally let me rock him and feed him a bottle and he fell asleep.

Tired but overjoyed and full of Love!!!