Sunday, March 7, 2010

A cold and Rainy day!

Today was a really cold and windy day here in Changsha. We decided to for go the museums and just hang out at the hotel.
We had a leisurely breakfast and then went to the playroom. Okay this boy can figure out anything!! He is already trying to ride a bike with training wheels! I will see if we can upload the video. He loves to climb up the slide and is hesitant to slide down but will with encouragement. He loves to push the stroller around without a dolly. He is copying us making towers with blocks. He continues to want his socks off all the time!!
Everywhere we go he draws attention with his social personality, waving hi or bye to everyone. People can get him to smile, but he will not readily give them to us. Hugs and Kisses no way... this I know will come with time. He definitely knows we are his Mama and Baba and he has a Jie Jie as he is saying it all the time and will point to the picture book we gave him. He also says a form of our last name. He is active and loves to be busy!
Nap time and bed time continue to be a struggle taking a half n hour to get him down. His eating is great. Tantrums continue if he does not get his way for things. There is no way he will use any bottle but the one he came with. This is a struggle. Keep praying that with time this will change before we have that long flight home.
Today we heard some loud bangs and looked out of our 30 floor window and below us fireworks were going off. Asked our guide about this and he said they will use fireworks to announce a new store or a sale going on for a store. Kinda fun to see! The windows have alot of condensation on them all the time and we have to wipe them down to see out side.
Wish we were in a group. That is the hardest part about this. We have met some of the families at breakfast but they are all doing things as a group. Saw Diana again and we hope to get together soon!
We decided to take the Bullet train on Friday from Changsha to Guangzhou. It will be a fun experience and give us the opportunity to see some of the countryside. Changsha is a very busy and noisy city with cars honking all hours of the day. You still see the carts pulled by farmers and then in contrast you see the luxury cars like Lexus, Volvo's, and Audi's.
Tomorrow we will be going to the Museum that has a mummy from 3,000. yrs ago. The found her tomb back in 1978. She came from a wealthy family and was buried with alot.
Continue to pray for Jon Jon to trust us and begin to show us some smiles.

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Jimh. said...

He...and you will pull through the hard parts! We are thinking of you all.

I don't know if I can condone a day NOT going to museums, but am glad you will make it to see a mummy! :-)