Wednesday, September 1, 2010

6 Months Ago..... Gotcha Day!

It is so amazing to me that 6 months ago was when we first were able to see you in person Jon Jon and hold you in our arms. We became a Forever Family and I will never forget that day. We were waiting with about 5 other families in Changsha, Hunan Civil Affairs Adoption Building. We were a little rushed as we had only gone to the Dalton Hotel and dropped off our bags.Then went right to the building. I was able to watch other families be joined together forever by that magical Red Thread. You Jon Jon were still about 15 minutes away from arriving. We got to see precious Sienna be united with Di from First A Pearl And Then Two Rubies. It was so heart wrenching as Sienna knew what was going on. It was such a comfort though to see a familiar face that I had connected with through blogging in the adoption community.

Finally you arrived. You appeared in one of the Awie's arms. You were so tiny Jon Jon and in the most adorable yellow snow suit. You were just looking around and taking everything in. They placed you down on the ground and I gave you a car to play with. You took it from me cautiously and started rolling it back and forth on the ground. You rolled it to me and I was so happy. The Awie's told us some things about you and gave us a bag of some of your items that we had sent you in your care package. A valuable picture book of you taken during your time with the foster family and at the orphanage was presented to us. What a treasure it is to have that!

Soon we knew that we could hold you and you were okay with it. You were still looking at us and the awies were saying Mamma and Babba and pointing to us. It was such a smooth transition it was remarkable. You didn't really smile that much as your were scared.

We held you and talked with you and gave you some snacks. It took maybe about 15 minutes before Richard said it was time to go. So off we went down to the van. You were fine until about half way to the hotel then you started to tug at the door of the van while you were in my lap. Eventually you started crying and pushing against me to get out of my lap. My heart was breaking for you..... I get tears every time I think about it.

We got back to the room and you were still so upset. Crying while I held you. We could only distract you for maybe a minute and then you would cry again. I decided to give you a bottle really soon after arriving and rock you in my arms. Within 10 minutes you were sound asleep. It was around 5:30pm then. We watched you sleep and tried to nap alittle also as we were really tired from our long trip. When you woke up from your nap you were ready to play and showed us your picture book we had sent you. You named us all without us telling you who we were. What a gift they had given us by helping you to be prepared for your new family.

I am in such awe at how God works in our lives and how he fulfills wishes and dreams. You were this adorable little boy with the cutest face and such a gentle personality. You were everything we could have possibly imaged.

It was such an amazing experience to receive such a gift. I am so grateful to your birth parents who had you with them for the first 4 months of your life. They made an incredibly heart wrenching decision to not raise you. Although I am sure they tried but did not have the resources to help you with your SN's. Then you were placed in front of the gates of Zhuzhou SWI, in Hunan with a note and some bottles. To give you up what an act of love. I can imagine they waited to see who would find you as you squirmed and cried for them. The director found you and you were taken to the police station so they could report you being abandoned. They took you back to the SWI and you stayed there for 2 days and then were placed in a foster home. With a lovely couple and an older foster sister. In that home you learned to love and trust again. They taught you so many things and you grew and flourished under their nurturing care. Your foster Mother's name was Xu Juging. Unfortunately we were unable to meet her as your foster father became ill. You ended up going back to the orphanage for 1 week before we came to get you.

Since arriving home in March, you have continued to amaze us. You have fit right in and adjusted so easily except for the waking up at night. That has been the difficult part as Mommy was definitely sleep deprived. We assume you are having bad dreams or thinking about your Foster family as you are tearful and just want to be held and comforted. What a joy it was to see you and Princess hugging each other and holding hands. You were scared of Molly the dog for the 1st week and loved Sasha the cat immediately.

Your language has just exploded! You carry on conversations with me. You like to ask me questions and echo every new word I say until you know the meaning of the word. You can understand when I ask you to go find something upstairs and you bring it back to me. You love to ask who what, where questions. You love to call your Nanny and Papa to talk on the phone to them an tell them what we are doing. You are learning your ABC's, numbers and have a fascination with learning. You love money and the cash registrar.
You love to sing and dance, try to do the splits, and a somersault. Outdoors is your favorite place to be on the swing, sliding or on the trampoline with your sister. You are a happy go lucky boy until you might not get your way. Then you become rather persistent and have a melt down.

You are experimental with different types of foods and love fruits,veggies,and of course noodles! You even like salsa and hummus, but ketchup is an all time favorite!

You are a cuddle bug and love to snuggle or as you put it "Lap Time" You say prayers and talk about Jesus and Sabbath school is your favorite. You now tell us "I wuv you" on your own and give us kisses freely. You can tell us when you are happy, sad,mad and give away giggles and smiles all the time.

With your sissy this summer!

You and your sister kinda have a bond that is strong, but also very fragile. With her autism it is not always easy to know how she is going to respond to you. Life has improved and we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It is so nice when you guys are playing together, hugging each other and just being sweet. Our family life has calmed down and we are much more at peace. It was really rough going especially this summer with less structure for Princess. HOORAY for school starting again!



You love hats! Especially your monkey hat!


Daddy and you on your first bike ride in Tamarack,ID.

Sissy riding her scooter in Tamarack.ID.

You love your bath time and playing with all of your bath toys!

The firsts have been so incredible and I am looking forward to what God has in store for us as a family of 4. Boys are so much fun and special.


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Lord,I Pray that You would fill Jon Jon up with a love for You that
surpasses his love for anything or anyone else. Help him to respect
and revere Your laws and understand that they are there for his benefit.
Hide Your word in his heart so that he will be drawn toward whatever is
pure and holy. Let Christ be formed in him and cause him to seek the
power of Your Holy Spirit to enable him to do what is right.
You have said, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God"
(Matthew 5:8). May a desire for holiness that comes from a pure heart
be reflected in all that he does.