Sunday, May 31, 2009

25 Month LID Anniversary! Post # 99 OMG!!!

Yesterday was our 25th month Anniversary of our Dossier being sent to China and logged in. Yahoo! The very strange thing is that we also got a call from our agency to review some WC files. We are so very confused and not sure what to do. Is it possible I might have to change my blog colors? Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go thru this difficult process. We have 3 to look at. We might choose one or we might not.This is incredibly hard. I have been in tears on and off all day.

On another note, I am one post away from my 100th post giveaway! This is what you have a chance to win. A beautiful handmade knot dress for you precious daughter from Cora @Little Miss blankets and stuff. I have her button on the right side of the blog. Just click to go see her adorable creations! To see all the different ways you can enter please visit post #97. I will explain it again on my 100th post. Princess will randomly draw the name. I will have this running for 3 days once my 100th post is posted.
It should be fun!!

We are having some just incredible weather lately. It has been so gorgeous. My peonies are getting ready to pop! We picked up a play set today for free from some friends that are moving. Princess is over the moon with excitement and can't wait until we finish construction. We have to replace a few rotted out boards, clean it down and then it should be ready to go! Is this an omen..... Get play set WC referrals will come!!

;o OMG!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post # 98!!

Happy belated Memorial Day!! Thank you to all of the service men and women who fought for our country and what it stands for. God Bless You!!

Okay so I've been a little busy around here! Sorry if you think I have been slacking but it is not true... Princess has started a new therapy for Auditory Processing Disorder. We are going everyday. I pick her up from school around 3:15, drive her to Bellevue, have therapy from 4-6 pm, drive her home. If it is a good night with traffic we are home in 30 mins. If not it can be 1 hour. By the time we get home we are both starving and zapped of energy. When it is your child you will go to great lengths to help them in anyway you can. Fortunately my parents are helping out with the bill for this one. Insurance will not pay for it. What I have noticed so far is that she is more focused and on task most of the time, less looping and getting stuck on things, increase in expressive communication and increase in her comprehension. YAHOO!! What a blessing...

Other things I am doing is Spa Night for 30 ladies, singing in Praise in church, planning our trip to CA, planning Princesses 10th BD, finishing paperwork etc.
We leave for home on June 11th and I can't wait!!!

This will be my motto for now!

This is post #98. Only 2 more until we start the give away!! Hang in there Kim. It is going to happen soon! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is post 97!! Just 3 more posts....

Just thought I would say hi and let you see some of the beauty that is around our area right now! I just love cherry blossoms and spring time! Unfortunately my allergies do not like this time of year. So, I am coughing,sneezing,and have a congested head and a runny nose.

For the 100th post give away I will have you sign up for 2 days and then I will have Gabby pull a random drawing out of the list of names. You will have several ways to enter. 1 entry for leaving me a comment on the 100th post. 2 entries for doing a post about it on your blog and linking your post to my blog. 1 entry for being a follower of my blog. So, you have 4 tries at winning the adorable knot dress designed by Cora in the fabric and size of your choice.