Wednesday, September 30, 2009

29 Months and counting for DTC and LID!

IT has been that long since we have been LID and DTC to China. 29 MONTHS Yikes!!! Adoption Forecast is saying it could be until July 2nd 2017 until we receive a referral. There are 402 days of referrals to go through before they get to our date. They are currently referring 3.1 days per month. Well at that rate we are glad we are now in the SN's line with our agency. Princess would be 15 years old when we would get a referral. I keep on praying that there will be a miracle for my friends that are waiting (and for us too!).

My thought though is that God has a plan for each and everyone of us in this process. If you just have faith and patience he will bring you your child.


Oh, and don't forget to enter my give away on my 100th post (the last post). The adorable knot dress is so cute and my fellow Cherry Blossom friend Cora who is in the April DTC 2007 group will make it for you out of your choice of fabric. Princess will help me draw the name!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

100th Post Give Away!!!!

Hello everyone! Today is my 100th post! Boy it sure did take me long enough to get to this post. Sorry .... Life kinda got in the way.The prize if you don't remember is an adorable Knot Apron Dress hand made for your little girl by Cora at Little Miss's Blankets and Stuff. She is out of some of the fabric she offered previously.

Don't you just love it? It is just so girly girl and twirly. What fun and great colors too! It is sweet with the little apron. I can see it with a t shirt under it and some black Mary Jane's or a turtle neck and those Ugg boots or just the dress and barefoot in the summer sun. I just can't wait to see it on one of your girls. She has 4 different fabric choices for this dress and can make it in sizes 6 4t and 5 to 8. So,so precious. Go and dream.....

Here are the new fabric choices...


1.For the 100th post give away I will have it open until Thursday Oct. 1st 5 pm PST so for 5 days and then I will have Princess pull a random drawing out of the list of names. I will post it as soon as I can. I hope you win!!!

You will have several ways to enter.
1. 1 entry for leaving me a comment on the 100th post.

2. 2 entries for doing a post about it on your blog and linking your post to my blog.

3. 1 entry for being a follower of my blog.

So, you have 4 tries at winning the adorable knot apron dress designed by Cora in the fabric and size of your choice.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Post #99

Hi everyone!
Yes I have been gone for a very long time! What a busy and crazy 4 months it has been. When I have time I will catch you all up on what we were doing. I did find out I have to have surgery on my right ankle as I have a completely torn tendon. OUCH!! Which means by the way that I will not be able to drive for 2-2.5 months. I just laugh otherwise I will cry. I have absolutely no idea how we will make it through that time with out me driving. We only have 3 days a week of therapies for Princess outside of school pick up and drop off.
All of our family is in CA so we will be trusting that the Lord will provide us with what we need!

So, I goofed! We are only on Post #99. Apparently, I had one post that was never published. It was just a draft. So, I had to contact my friend about the give away and see if she would still be able to make the Knot dress. She can but, the fabric choices have changed. As soon as we have those ready to go we will have you sign up for the give away. I will be posting it this weekend if dear C and I can get the information together.

We made it to Lake Tahoe this summer and had a wonderful time. Here are a few pictures. I got the nasty flu bug and spent 3 days in the cabin. Therefore not many fun pictures were taken.

Hanging out at Sugar Pine State Park!

My water girl!

Princess is ready to go to the beach!

Our adorable cabin we stayed in at Lake Tahoe!

Well I have missed you all and look forward to catching up!