Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Adoption Timeline

Dossier To China~ April 30, 2007

Log In Date Of Dossier In China~ April 30, 2007

In The Review Room~ February 2, 2009

In The Matching Room~ April 28, 2009

Join AAO's WC list~ January 28, 2008

Receive Referral~ September 18, 2009

Accept Referral~ October 1, 2009

Send In Letter Of Intent~October 22, 2009

Receive Pre-Approval from CCAA~ November 13, 2009

Receive Letter of Approval~ December 4, 2009

Receive Travel Approval~January 14, 2010

Receive Consulate Appointment~January 21, 2010

Travel Dates To China~February 27- March 13, 2010

Gotcha Day~March 1, 2010

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Digging out of the Down in the Dumps

Okay I know it has been way to long. What can I say except I have been very discouraged and really soul searching . We know we are doing the right thing by wanting to adopt again. The problem has become the wait. We feel we can not wait 3-4 years for our little girl to come home with us. So we have been looking at what is available. Options are Foster/ adopt, International adoption from a different country, or Waiting child from China. We looked into Guatemala with no prospects as they are not Hague compliant and therefore the USA has shut down adoptions with them. We are sort of looking into foster/adoption here but I am very concerned because of what I have seen happen with Kurt and Gaylene. So, we thought alot about it and prayed alot about it and finally filled out the papers for WC from China with our agency. They were turned in today to our agency. When I talked with Cindi she said there are 20 families on the program now. They get 12 children every 2-3 months. So, it could take us another 6 months to see any referrals. Then we send in a LOI and wait 4-6 months to receive LOA. Then you send that back and wait for your TA. That comes and then you travel within 6 wks to pick up your child. I feel pretty good about this. --- is also starting to adopt from Ethiopia and Kazakhstan. We are interested in Kazakhstan. When I asked Cindi about this she said it would not start until the end of this summer. So, we wait and see what happens first. Only God really knows where our child is coming from . I know and have faith that he has picked the perfect child for our family.

So, Happy Belated New Year!! We had such a fantastically fun and relaxing Christmas with our entire family up in Sun Valley. Gabby learned to ski and is doing a phenomenal job at it! She is going up and down the ski lift. She had 5 days of 2 hr private instruction with an adaptive ski instructor. Her name was Jessie. What a sweetheart she was and not much taller than Gabby!

I am YAWNING...... Time to hit the hay.