Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Shopping Deals today

Just wanted to let you know if you like Monkey Toes shoes or socks that they are having a 40% off sale today!

Monkey Toes link.

The code for the 40% off is LADYBUGTURKEY

These are the ones I bought for Little Emperor! I can't wait to see them on his adorable feet.....

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We had a very quiet family of 3 dinner. Soon to be 4! Waiting for that LOA and Ta to come.......

Tomorrow I have a MD appt. to remove the rest of my stitches from my ankle. I have a hot pink cast on right now! Little princess loves it. I am getting cabin fever..... 3 more weeks of a cast on. UGGG......

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't Forget The Hat & Ornament Swap Sign Up

The Hat and Ornament swap sign up ends tomorrow evening. You can join in the fun! You chose the gender and how many you would like to swap with 1 or 2. You purchase a hat and ornament and send it to your swap partner or partners. I will be matching you with your partner or partners. I need you to email me you address so I can forward that information to your swap partner or partners. I am hoping everyone can get them in the mail by Dec. 10th. Lets have fun and get in the spirit. Don't forget to tell me how many partners 1/2 what gender boy/girl and age of the child.

Leave a comment and email me your information

I can't wait to see little emperor in his new hats!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Introducing Our Little Emperor!!

On Friday our agency AAO received our PA from CCAA to adopt Xia Yi Wei! Our little emperor is in Zhuzhou,Hunan and is 18 mos old. He has a SN but is cognitively intact and on target with all of his developmental milestones. With his SN there was a possibility that his hearing on his right side might be affected. Per the medical review though it is intact!

To me he is the most adorable and beautiful little boy! I love him to pieces and can't wait to have him in my arms. Without further adieu

PRESENTING our son Yi Wei (American name to be determined still)!!

Referral pictures at 11 months old.

Updated pictures at 16 months old. Love the motorcycle!

He is in a foster family and the Nana takes him to town everyday so he is exposed to alot and loves people. He is attached which is a good thing. It will be hard for him when we initially have him, but he can attach which to us is so very important!!

Please don't forget to join in the Hat and Ornament Swap! Can you please post about this on your blog. We NEED more participants!!! Thank you so much!!

Over the moon in love!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hat and Ornament Swap!! Join in the fun...


I decided that it would be nice to do a hat and ornament swap. I chose hats as you can be gender specific. Since we are going to have little emperor we can no longer do bow swaps. Gabby has so many bows and is deciding that it is okay not to wear them all the time. There are caps, winter hats, bonnets,skull caps, dress up hats etc. Have fun with this! Since it is close to Christmas I thought we could get an ornament for the Christmas tree for the child's collection. It could be a theme, from where you live, handmade etc.

So, if you would like to join in the fun let me know. Email me your name and address,which gender it is for boy or girl, if you want to swap with 2 people or 1 person.
I will give everyone until Nov. 19th to sign up. That is one week from today. Then I will match you accordingly and send your information to your swap partner (s) and vice versa.

I have been looking on Gap Kids ,Target,Children's Place, Gymboree and some other different etsy sites. There are some adorable hats out there! Let your friends know we are doing this so we can have a great swap! I tried to do a polyvore set for this but couldn't get my pictures in the set. So, will try again later.

Email me at Info needed is 1 or 2 person swap, boy or girl,size, and address.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am recovering!!

Hi everyone,

So, I had my surgery last Friday for my right ankle. It took about 2 hours. Smooth and no nausea. They gave me a block at my knee for pain before the surgery started. That part was rough as they were digging around alittle behind my knee trying to find the exact nerve to block. It was painful. We got home around 11:15 and I crawled up the stairs.
I have crutches which are not the easiest things to move around on. I am being really good about not putting any weight on my right foot. I am set up in my bedroom and going between the bed and a glider with ottoman. Occasionally I am napping. Saturday night was really rough as the block began to wear off. The nerve pain is not fun to experience. Lots of sharp needle poke pain and hot burning pain. I still have numbness of my toes and mid foot which is to be expected due to the surgery. I go back in 1.5 weeks for post op and a cast.
The one thing I can not stand is not washing my hair. Hubby is going to go look for that dry shampoo for me today to use. Meanwhile I am using lots of hair things!

Oh, the cute thing is my cat and dog are like major love bugs and not wanting to leave my side!! Such sweetie pies!

No news on our PA or LOA. : (


I am going to be setting up a Hat swap for our adorable ones! I was talking with Cora and since we have boys on the way we thought this would be fun to do. You can request a boy or girl hat for the swap. It will be the perfect time of year to do with winter on its way. I hope to get it set up by the end of the week.