Friday, February 26, 2010

Okay How Do You Plan......

How does one plan for weather in China?Hubby looked up the weather in Changsha. 86 one day and the next 53. I guess we will just take things we can layer.
Yesterday was fabulous for Princess and I . We had the best time and she was thoroughly spoiled! We have never been to Build A Bear before. I had inquired for parties but we never did it. So we go in and I was expecting her to pick a fuzzy cute little animal something girly girl.
This is what she picked out!

Don't you love it.!! She still had to have some cute clothes for her. Her name is Sarah.

My BFF and her mother gave me this adorable outfit! I just love it and can't wait to see Jon Jon in it!!

Thank you so much both of you !! He will just be so handsome in this. the sleeves on the shirt have flames on them!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today Is Princess Day!

We are going to have a special Mommy and daughter day today!
I called the school and let them know that Gabby needed a special day with Mommy before we leave and are gone for 2 weeks in China.

So we got up late and are eating breakfast. We have plans to go to this wonderful toy store called Snap Doodles here in the Kenmoore area, then off to pick up Daddy for lunch out, hopefully get her hair cut as it is way too long, and then to Build A Bear Workshop to make a special stuffed animal. I want her to have something to sleep with to remind her how much we love her while we are gone and that she is very special!

I also made her 16 red bags. One to be opened each night before she goes to bed. Each one has something different in it and a few pieces of candy. I hit the dollar section at Michael's and Target and got some cute items. I still want to write some notes for them and put some random pictures of us in some of them.

We will be using Skype to be in touch with her via our web cam. That way she can talk with us and see baby brother Jon Jon. They can then begin to bond and talk together!

I am so very excited I can hardly contain myself!

I have a bunch of photo's to post, but will do it later. I need to go spend time with my girl!

Photo from Always 13 Creative Commons

3 more days until we leave for China!! I can hardly wait! I finally came to the realization that we can't take everything.... Just take what fits and we definitely will need.

5 more days until we see this precious little emperor who will be our SON!!!
Godspeed Jon Jon! Mommy and Daddy can not wait to see you and kiss your sweet cheeks!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anyone Know The Following People?

Hello, I am trying to track down the following people who have won auctions on my other blog.

Jenne from Oregon
Kelly Lockwood
Natalie has a picture of her and husband from their wedding.

I urgently want to get everything taken care of before I leave for China. If I do not hear anything back from these ladies by tomorrow I will be contacting the people that had the bid before them on the items.

Thank you so much for helping me out!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

9 More Days Until We Fly to China!

As I write this I am just so excited and nervous at the same time. I so want to hold my baby give him hugs and kisses and just spend time looking into his eyes. I am scared to death, but know reality is that we could be in for a really rough time. He is still young but he is aware and talking in simple words. I pray that his Foster Mother is showing him our pictures and preparing him for March 1st.

Jon Jon's room is slowly coming together. We decided on a surf theme and found some Pottery Barn Kids Blue Island set on eBay that was gently used. I found the adorable valences that went with it. The crib was given to us by friends and we are so grateful! The top railing had been so enjoyed by their son I am having a quilted teeth guard made for it to cover up how badly it is scared. I will post pictures of it when I receive it. I am hoping to buy some more things to decorate the walls etc. but that will have to wait until we get back from China. EBay has wonderful artist who will make things to match different kids lines themes.

The top rail is not on the crib right now. Who knows how long he will be in the crib until we convert it to a toddler bed. I like the idea of it converting to a day bed and then a full size bed.

Valances,for my little surfer boy!!

His rocking chair! It was passed down from Brent's 2 nephew's to Princess and now to Jon Jon. I love pieces like this. I plan on painting it blue when we get home.

We never got a new car seat. We debated and debated. Princesses car seat was a Britax. It never wore out and was not recalled so, we put it to the test. The test was to see if the plastic had become brittle. Hubby took the car seat and a hammer and whacked the heck out of the car seat. The car seat is still pliable and in great condition! YIPPEE! That was a $250. car seat that we could use again. So, I got a new seat cover for it.

What do you think? Isn't it cute? I love it.

I decided to use a back pack while in China for his diaper bag. I tried to get something that Princess might like to use once we return home. She immediately claimed it as hers. I had to take and hide it in the closet so she would not use it.

Today I packed it with all of these items for when we meet him at the Civil Affairs office. It was so fun to open up the pack of diapers and see Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on the diapers and know there will be a little bum in them soon!

Well I need to go and finish getting the calendar set for Auntie when she comes to take care of Princess. I am having so much fun getting everything set up for Jon Jon. It is sometimes hard to stay on track. Oh, our Power of Attorney's came yesterday and we have Jon Jon's travel meds. Finishing off our last Typhoid tablet tomorrow. Yeah!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MIA!!! Needs a Sponsor still......

Hi Everyone. Last December I decided to sponsor a child from Pearl River Outreach. I follow along and get updates on my precious girl Gwynne every quarter. I am so excited to see how well she is doing and how much she is blossoming. It is such a neat feeling to give to a child who will benefit from having the love of a foster family while she waits for her forever family to adopt her. Updates on Gwynne She is currently potty training, saying 1 and 2 words, she is walking well and climbing the stairs. She is adorable and so sweet!

There is a new precious one named Mia that needs just one more sponsor. She is so adorable and tiny! She is healthy and happy but would so benefit from being in a foster family. By becoming a sponsor you would be giving her the chance to be raised by a foster family. Mia is a newborn! She was born January 7th 2010!! She is residing in Hengshan,Hunan. She is perfect and a healthy little girl! If you would like to sponsor her please go to
Pearl River Outreach


So is you find a spot in your heart to help Mia out please do so! She so deserves the chance to have a life with a foster family to stimulate her and help her grow!

11 more days until we travel!! 13 more days until Jon Jon is in our arms!! I can't wait to be a mommy to a little one again! Princess is very excited and has been helping me rearrange his room!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!

May you have a wonderful day! May it be filled with love and family.
We will be leaving 2 weeks from yesterday to go to China! Our lives are full and happy as we bustle about finishing everything we need to accomplish.

Gong xi fa cai!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Items Tomorrow on Auction Blog!

Just a few of the items I hope to list tomorrow. Actually I have alot of items to list if I can get it all done. Please stop by and see if there is anything you just can't live without for your girl!

Three weeks from today until we travel to CHINA! Oh my word!!!
My BFF is coming over tomorrow to help me work on things. She is such an organizer and will help me to weed out stuff from the play room.

Hubby poor guy is off in Sun Valley, ID. He went on a ski retreat for a long weekend with a bunch of guys. I am so jealous!! He so deserves it though after taking care of me, and everything for 2.5 months.

I am beginning to have a hard time sleeping as so much is running around in my head. Is this typical for those of you that have been there done that?

Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Look For My Blog!

I am so excited about the new look my blog has! I think it is super cute and so fitting for Jon Jon! Thank you so much Diana for such a fantastic job! I love it.

I thought a new tittle was also in the making since we have found our Sweet Cheeks Baby Cake. Our house will now be filled with Giggles and Wiggles along with alot of other fun things!

OMW I can not believe we will be leaving in almost 25 days. YIPPEE.

The room is coming along, the packing is coming along, the appts. and tying up loose ends is coming along. It is a very exciting and crazy time at our house. We meet with the travel planner last week to discuss the trip, finalize on a few things, give them the money to wire to China, and go over the folders of paperwork we need to take with us. It is amazing how much there is. We also received the official TA with his picture on it!!

My Auction blog is getting more business. I hope to post some new items now that I have sold some items hopefully tomorrow.

Yes we got new Pictures that were taken last Thursday and we got them on Thursday of Jon Jon!!! That sent chills up and down my spine that I was actually able to see the pictures on the same day they were taken.

Fantastic news!!! We get to meet the Foster Mother!!!!! Can you believe it? I am so very happy about this. I know it will be extremely emotional and hard on both of them and us too. In the long run though we will have pictures of us all together. This is so valuable to Jon Jon in the long run. We will have something to show him and say look remember.... she gave you to us with her blessing. She did not abandon you, she loved you so much that she was able to give you to us.

On Another note Diana at is having a Birthday Bash Give Away. This week it is for a Brag book pages. The winner gets to choose the scrap design pages that she would like to use sends her the photos she would like to have on the pages and then Diana will send you back the completed pages and all you have to do is print them off.

Voila a completed Brag Book!! What a great give away. Go over to her site and enter. There are like 5 ways to enter. Good luck!!