Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Look For My Blog!

I am so excited about the new look my blog has! I think it is super cute and so fitting for Jon Jon! Thank you so much Diana for such a fantastic job! I love it.

I thought a new tittle was also in the making since we have found our Sweet Cheeks Baby Cake. Our house will now be filled with Giggles and Wiggles along with alot of other fun things!

OMW I can not believe we will be leaving in almost 25 days. YIPPEE.

The room is coming along, the packing is coming along, the appts. and tying up loose ends is coming along. It is a very exciting and crazy time at our house. We meet with the travel planner last week to discuss the trip, finalize on a few things, give them the money to wire to China, and go over the folders of paperwork we need to take with us. It is amazing how much there is. We also received the official TA with his picture on it!!

My Auction blog is getting more business. I hope to post some new items now that I have sold some items hopefully tomorrow.

Yes we got new Pictures that were taken last Thursday and we got them on Thursday of Jon Jon!!! That sent chills up and down my spine that I was actually able to see the pictures on the same day they were taken.

Fantastic news!!! We get to meet the Foster Mother!!!!! Can you believe it? I am so very happy about this. I know it will be extremely emotional and hard on both of them and us too. In the long run though we will have pictures of us all together. This is so valuable to Jon Jon in the long run. We will have something to show him and say look remember.... she gave you to us with her blessing. She did not abandon you, she loved you so much that she was able to give you to us.

On Another note Diana at is having a Birthday Bash Give Away. This week it is for a Brag book pages. The winner gets to choose the scrap design pages that she would like to use sends her the photos she would like to have on the pages and then Diana will send you back the completed pages and all you have to do is print them off.

Voila a completed Brag Book!! What a great give away. Go over to her site and enter. There are like 5 ways to enter. Good luck!!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I LOVE the new look... and your clothing site is amazing..
great news about meeting Jon Jon's foster Mother.. sounds like you are doing really well on all the things to get ready..
Have a great week.
25 days will fly by..

Amy said...

Aw Jody, Jon Jon's new blog design is so perfect! Absolutely adorable, just like the little guy himself! Diana did a fabulous job!

What an incredible blessing that you will meet Jon Jon's Foster Mom. I can't begin to imagine the emotions you will feel...such a gift.

...closer by the day, sweet friend!


redmaryjanes said...

The blog is just beautiful.

I came by to pay for the jumper, but the Chip In won't allow me to. The date on it needs to be extended, it says it has expired.

I'll check back later :)

Cora said...

Great new look! Love the new picture of Jon Jon, I know how special that must be.
I hope having the foster mom there eventually gives Jon Jon some closure. It is so special that you are going to get to met the person that cared and loved on your son for so long.
Take Care,

Colleen said...

The New look is awesome!!! Miss D. rocks the blogs!!!! She is incredible!!!! Can't wait to see the bedroom : )

3 Peanuts said...

You blog looks fabulous. So glad that you get to meet the foster Mom...that is a gift.