Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MIA!!! Needs a Sponsor still......

Hi Everyone. Last December I decided to sponsor a child from Pearl River Outreach. I follow along and get updates on my precious girl Gwynne every quarter. I am so excited to see how well she is doing and how much she is blossoming. It is such a neat feeling to give to a child who will benefit from having the love of a foster family while she waits for her forever family to adopt her. Updates on Gwynne She is currently potty training, saying 1 and 2 words, she is walking well and climbing the stairs. She is adorable and so sweet!

There is a new precious one named Mia that needs just one more sponsor. She is so adorable and tiny! She is healthy and happy but would so benefit from being in a foster family. By becoming a sponsor you would be giving her the chance to be raised by a foster family. Mia is a newborn! She was born January 7th 2010!! She is residing in Hengshan,Hunan. She is perfect and a healthy little girl! If you would like to sponsor her please go to
Pearl River Outreach


So is you find a spot in your heart to help Mia out please do so! She so deserves the chance to have a life with a foster family to stimulate her and help her grow!

11 more days until we travel!! 13 more days until Jon Jon is in our arms!! I can't wait to be a mommy to a little one again! Princess is very excited and has been helping me rearrange his room!

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