Wednesday, September 30, 2009

29 Months and counting for DTC and LID!

IT has been that long since we have been LID and DTC to China. 29 MONTHS Yikes!!! Adoption Forecast is saying it could be until July 2nd 2017 until we receive a referral. There are 402 days of referrals to go through before they get to our date. They are currently referring 3.1 days per month. Well at that rate we are glad we are now in the SN's line with our agency. Princess would be 15 years old when we would get a referral. I keep on praying that there will be a miracle for my friends that are waiting (and for us too!).

My thought though is that God has a plan for each and everyone of us in this process. If you just have faith and patience he will bring you your child.


Oh, and don't forget to enter my give away on my 100th post (the last post). The adorable knot dress is so cute and my fellow Cherry Blossom friend Cora who is in the April DTC 2007 group will make it for you out of your choice of fabric. Princess will help me draw the name!


Michelle said...

Just recently found your blog and just had to comment that we have so much in common! I pratice Occupational therapy working at a pediatric clinic, and have for the last 12 years. I now only work one day a week so that I can stay home with my girls. I also have a child adopted from China,(I know you are still waiting), and my favorite Starbucks drink are soy chai tea lattes (iced). We had a LID of 12/36/06, which means we would still be waiting a very long time, but we joined the waiting child program early on, in fact even before our paperwork was in China, so our daughter has been home almost 2 years already. Her special need was that she was premature and had slightly delayed development.
Wishing you the best, and it will be so great to see you recieve your referral!
God bless,

Michelle said...

oops! Our LID was 12-26-06

Oh, and I also love antiques, rabbits, traveling and I have taken piano lessons, although I can't play now!

Jimh. said...

May we ALL face a shorter wait than 10 years!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 29th ..
We are getting there..
And I am telling you ...I think before Christmas next year..

Cora said...

In so many ways I can't believe it has been 29 months. I so hope you find your baby soon. I know he or she is waiting for you and will be just perfect in your wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

This wait is incredible. May you have the endurance to stay the course!

TanyaLea said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. Unfortunately I checked in too late for the drawing. But VERY happy for the winner!! :) The apron dress is adorable and I have already inquired about having her make a set with some matching ruffles for when we bring our Khloe home. Happy 100th Post!!


Kayce said...

Happy 29....Yes, God has a plan and for that we must keep the faith. Hugs to you Jody!