Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is post 97!! Just 3 more posts....

Just thought I would say hi and let you see some of the beauty that is around our area right now! I just love cherry blossoms and spring time! Unfortunately my allergies do not like this time of year. So, I am coughing,sneezing,and have a congested head and a runny nose.

For the 100th post give away I will have you sign up for 2 days and then I will have Gabby pull a random drawing out of the list of names. You will have several ways to enter. 1 entry for leaving me a comment on the 100th post. 2 entries for doing a post about it on your blog and linking your post to my blog. 1 entry for being a follower of my blog. So, you have 4 tries at winning the adorable knot dress designed by Cora in the fabric and size of your choice.


Kayce said...

I just love cherry blossoms! Such pretty pictures you took!

Love that dress!!

Cora said...

I love all the blooms too but I am with you as they don't love me.

I have a new pic up of the cherry print dress. Go check it out!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I am a follower... so now I have 2 entries..
comeon and get that 100th post up so I can have my 3rd entry..
Happy Memorial Day..
Have a great Sunday..