Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thursday In Changsha

This is the boy that I have been dreaming about...... He has simply stolen my heart and I am so in love with him!! He has begun to trust us and rely on us for things. He reaches out for us to pick him up and hold him! He is beginning to show us smiles and laughs at things. He loves to be active and play rough and tumble with Daddy.
He knows how to wink at me!! He is beginning to give us high 5's, He will say huh... when you call him. We continue to use Wei and Jon Jon until he has accepted his new name. The title of my blog just simply says it all about my boy!! He knows how to brush his teeth, He helps you put on his clothes and tries to zip and snap them. He can put on his shoes and Velcro them. I am in awe of what he can do!!! He can use a fork and spoon to feed himself. Combs and brushes his hair.
The things we still need to work on are the spitting on the floor, throwing trash on the floor, blowing our nose out without Kleenex, ,throwing trash in the toilet.
God is so amazing in finding our son that is so perfect for our family. He knew when to present him to us and when Jon Jon was ready to be ours! A Match Made In Heaven!!!
We spent the day at The Mummy museum and then an Industrial Arts school where they do the beautiful embroidery. Changsha is known for their embroidery. We were able to see the factory room where the girls were all working on different pieces. Simply beautiful. I bought a few little items to take home and share. While we were at the museum We let Jon Jon walk alittle bit on his own with one of us next too him. He walks with his hands behind his back like the grampa's. It is so adorable!! We were unable to use flash in there. I promise I will get a picture of it though!
Tomorrow we will go back to the CCAA here in Changsha to pick up Jon Jon's Chinese passport. Then we are off to the train station. I will not post tomorrow.
Hugs to all!!


Amy said...

Aww, Jody, Jon Jon sounds so adorable (love the description of the way he walks...too cute!) and very bright! I'm so happy to read you're getting your smiles and high-fives now. What a personality your son has! This update is such a treat! :)

Continued Prayers and Much Love to You,

Nicole said...

Look at that smile! He is so beautiful!
I love the sunglasses in the tub!
Keep the picures coming!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL!

Cora said...

I just knew that smile was in there, Love it. Sounds like he is just perfect. Thanks for the updates and the pictures you know that is what we all long to see!

TanyaLea said...

So happy for you and your little 'Match' from Heaven...he is perfect!! Love the photo of your 'boys' in their shades...too cool for words!!! ;) LOL!

God bless you all! <><


Kayce said...

What a cutie!!! I love the pic with his daddy and the glasses! Big smiles here!! Speaking of smiles...Jon Jon's is amazing! God has blessed you guys!