Monday, March 8, 2010

Medical Exam Day

Today was our appt. for Jon Jon's Medical Exam. We went to breakfast first and met a few families all there feeding their children. There were about 7 families and only 2 girls out of 7. I thought that was very interesting. The breakfast buffet is okay and nothing like the Dolton Hotel. They do have an few Western and Chinese items plus the normal eggs, fruit, breads and cereals. We met Richard in the lobby and then it was short walk to the Medical Examiner's office. Jon Jon actually sat in the stroller without a fight! Yippee. When we tried it last night he just cried and would not sit down in it.
Saw our friends in the Medical exam office. Unfortunately I did not get to talk with Diana much as Sienna was having to get 7 shots!! Oh my heart just broke for them. That is just so cruel to do and not very safe either. Jon Jon was up to date on his Immunizations and he is 22.5 lbs. and they said he is 41" tall. No way he is that tall. He is maybe 30 " tall. Everything that I brought for him to wear is a 24 mos or a 2 T and he is swimming in them!! I am rolling up the pants, sleeves and the waists.
They did a simple ENT exam and his hearing is intact as is his eye sight on both sides. Praise the Lord!!
He was cooperative for the whole exam and did not seem to mind it!
Next stop was the jewelry market downtown where we bought some pearls. It was so interesting to see the string them and tie them off individually. We then found a deliciousVegetarian Chinese Restaurant that had wonderful yummy food. You could not tell it was not real meat. It was so delicious!! Lots of pan handlers and people begging for money.
Next stop the temple. So stunning and elaborate the carvings and gilded gold Buddha's. Simply gorgeous. Lots of offerings of fruits and flowers as the Buddha's are vegetarian. The incense was sweet and not too overwhelming.
We came back to the Victory and moved into our suite. It is much larger and we can move around now. I would not recommend staying here. It is old with dirty carpets, found black mold in the bathrooms and the towels are old and graying. I would pay the extra money and stay at the White Swan. It is a beautiful hotel and it is well maintained.
Our boy is opening up more and more everyday. If I go to the bathroom and shut the door he stands out side and yells for me Mama! He is now giving us high 5's and beginning to blow kisses to us and catch ours. He loves to be held. We are having him fall asleep in our bed and then after he is asleep we move him to the crib. He is now waking up in the morning without crying.
He loves to play and be busy!! Cora can you see he loves your hat you gave him!! He knew that to be cool you wear it backwards or to the side! I was so amazed....
Hugs to all!!


Amy said...

Sounds like Jon Jon is really settling in the comfort zone with his Mommy and Daddy, Jody! I am so happy all went well with his medical exam and that he was up to date on those immunizations. These poor babies having to get so many vaccinations at scary for them and for their parents. We'll be praying specifically for Gabby to get well soon! Before you know it, the whole family will be together...:)...

Love and Prayers for all of you, sweet friend, (((HUG))),

Jill said...

Jon Jon is beautiful!!!!! I just got back to the States on Friday. I will keep you and your boy in my prayers. I stayed at the Victory too, but moved to the White Swan, as it was not much more money. We got swarmed at night by mosquitoes at the Victory. Jiliang had bites all over her the next day. We moved to the White Swan the next day and had no problems. Lots of places to run around and play.
Jill :)

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

He looks quite adorable in his baggy clothes and hat from Cora!

Nicole said...

Love the hat! Look how big and brave he was at the medical exam!
He is such a little man!

Kayce said...

Oh my friend!!! I'm just getting a chance to catch up....My heart is aching to be in China right now and thanks to you I'm able to get a chance to go back through your post and pictures!

Jon Jon is so adorable and I'm so glad all went well at the medical exam. It's kinda a crazy few minutes in there isn't it?

Okay...I'm off to read some more....

TanyaLea said...

Just thinking of you and wondering how things are going on the homefront?! I bet JonJon is just fitting right in!! Can't wait to hear an update and see some new pics. Hope you had a blessed Easter!


Cora said...

wow, did I really miss commenting on this post? Hope everyone is adjusting well. The hat looks great, but the boy makes it, he is way too cute.
Miss you, my friend, Cora

Jewels of My Heart said...

How absolutely wonderful...... So happy you are all together. I hope you are all doing well!!!! I hope he is adjusting well and that God has guarded his mind, and heart.
I love your blog design for your little man! It is just darling.
God bless you,

k1 said...

Keep checking for an updated post. Hope all have adjusted to each other now that you are home.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Hi Jodi,

Haven't heard from you in so long. I am sure your life is totally crazy busy, but just wanted to check and make sure that Jon Jon's transition into the family is going well.