Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We Are Home and Adjusting!

Love at first sight.....

My happy go lucky little one!

Nap time treasure the moments....

He has the cutest little laugh and giggle!

My favorite they are asleep and so peacefully happy!

So sorry for the long lapse in posting! Life has been incredibely full and crazy lately. Jon Jon is adjusting well although we still struggle with waking up in the middle of the night. I have been rather tired as is expected.

On the newsfront:

Jon Jon turned 2 on May 2nd

I need another surgery on my Right foot.

Hubby decided not to apply for a postition in NWS at Salt Lake city UT.

Princess is waiting to turn 11 in June.

We are bonding as a family of 4 although at times it has been rough. Not on Jon Jon's part but more on Princesses end...... Trying to reassure her that she is loved and cherished everyday.

Jon Jon has had his appts. with the Adoption Specialist and he is ahead of his developmental milestones in motor and speech. He has malnutrition and is expected to gain weight and height in the next 6 mos. He still is in 18 mos. size clothes.

Our appt. with the Cranio facial team is in July.

Jon Jon has said I wuv you and it was to Gabby first.


Cora said...

Oh so happy to see this. I am sure it was quite an adjustment for one little princess :0)
Happy times!

Take Care,

Kayce said...

SO! SO!! Happy to hear from you and see the smiles on your children's faces! Sounds like you do got a ton going on but life seems GOOD! You are always in our prayers Jody!! Lots of hugs!

Nicole said...

Oh I am so happy to see this post! I was hoping that all was well with your family!
I remember walking in the door with Ava and it felt like someone had turned my world upside down! It felt like a cake walk and when the music stopped everyone was scrabbling for a seat! It takes some time for all involved!It took everyone several months to find their new place in the family.
I am so glad to see that handsome little dude! He is just beautiful!

Kim said...

Glad things are going well..
LOVE the photos. and sounds like you are doing well.
Love you ..
They are tooo cute..

Jimh. said...

Glad you're back and posting again!

No doubt about it, he's a keeper!

Amazing Bro/Sis bond there...ok, it looks cute when they're sleeping! :-)

Jill said...

Welcome home!!!
He is handsome and precious!
Love the pic of the two of them sleeping together!

Sammons said...

He is quite certainly the cutest little guy on the planet!!!! OMW! I am just wanting to scoop him up and kiss those cheeks!