Sunday, July 25, 2010

Father's Day!

Mom and Dad Father's Day.

They came up to visit from down south. They were here for 5 days. We celebrated Princesses 11th Birthday. Then they treated us to a family get away at a near by Hilton for a night. It was fun and Princess loved the pool. We did not let Emperor in the pool as we were not sure at the time about his ear. Now we know it is fine for him to be in the pool. YEAH! He loves the water too!!

My handsome Daddy!

Emperor did not last that long a breakfast.... So, we were headed back up to the room for a nap.
I love the golfer look outfit my Mom got him. This boy loves hats...

IMG_2411, originally uploaded by My fun place.

My sweet girl and hubby on Father's Day!

Honey, you are the greatest and the love of my life...... I love your strength, compassion for living things, your funny sense of humor, your gentleness.... You are my rock and the the calm in all of our sea's.

God blessed me with such a gift !

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