Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life At Our House!

I am trying to play catch up with photo's and life in general..... Sorry it has been a little over 2 months since I have been on my blog.

Our house has been on a big roller coaster ride. Some days are really fantastic and others are really stressful. It has everything to do with the Emperor and Princess. You see the Emperor is adorable and charming as can be. He does know how to push sister's buttons though.

Princess tends to over react to everything he does. Ugh..... It has made life miserable for hubby and I. With her Autism she reacts out of Fight or Flight. She has gotten more aggressive towards us and emperor which has me constantly on high anxiety/ alert systems. Therefore I crash and have no energy to blog etc when the house is quiet and kids are in bed. It has been very tough to deal with. Many days I cry and wonder what are we going to do..... Last week we went to the Autism Clinic at Children's and saw a new Dr. He feels that Princess is depressed and is starting her on a new medication. It will also help her out with her anxiety. She started it on Friday and so far so good. I am noticing more happiness and joy in her face. There is less out burst when Emperor is loud or crying. Ti will take some time to see if it will work for her or not. We are also on the wait list for a Behavioral Therapist. I think they said it would be 13 weeks until we would be able to get.

Little one is such a cutie pie!! We are so in love with him. He is very smart and a quick learner. Although I have to say he likes to try to get away with things. How do you get a 2 yr. old to stop the first time when you say No No about something? He is saying about 100 words already in English, uses the potty when he wants to, can put his shoes and socks on (& take them off of course), loves to dance,sing and play the piano, he is a cuddle and snuggle bug, he runs to Daddy when he comes home from work, he loves all kinds of food especially fruit and veggies,he knows some shapes and numbers already and loves puzzles. He has no fear and loves to try new things.

I have left him a few times with Daddy when I go shopping or something and he has a fit. Although he is getting better and not sobbing for 45 minutes anymore. Now it is about 5 minutes. We have a social facilitator that works with Princess on occasion for a few hours at home. She has been the only person that Emperor would stay with here with out crying. That was last week . Hubby and I ran out to Target and Starbucks. IT WAS WONDERFUL..... Soon it will be easier.

Summer is finally here in the PNW!! We have had a couple of days in the high 80's and low 90's but mostly it is in the high 70's and low 80's. Nice and comfortable! Of course it is still on occasion gray and rainy and in the 60's. What else is new with this area.

We are going to be taking vacation soon and going to visit hubby's family in Paradise,CA for a week and then we are going to Tamarack,ID for a week. Tamarack is a ski resort that went belly up. There is not a restaurant or a store open. The lodge is open, golf course and zip lines are open. We are renting a chalet with 3bdrm/bath for a 50% off. We are very excited. We have a nice deck with a private hot tub and a fireplace with a gas grill. We will be going to the lake and renting a boat, hiking,biking and just relaxing( as much as you can with a toddler ;) ...). The pool is open at the lodge so we will be spending time there. My parent's will be in Boise for the same week and will come up and spend a few days with us.

Our little chalet we are renting.

Great room with fireplace.

Outdoor deck with fireplace and BBQ grill.

I will be spending alot of time here after hiking and biking in our private hot tub!


Angie S said...

oh jody i am praying for you guys! i know how exhausting it can be to running after a toddler! sometimes it can feel like you are always saying NO! and not getting through to him. but if you are firm and loving (like i'm sure you are) and keep at it you eventually start to see some results. :) with God, you can do it! i am praying that the medication will help princess overcome her depression. randy is gone the next 2 weeks so maybe i can get over there to visit you guys! :) sending lots of love!

Cora said...

I can't even imagine the adjustments that you are going through. I hope that everyone settles into their place in your beautiful family soon. Looks like you are going to have a great time in that cabin! Enjoy and relax.
Hugs, Cora

Kayce said...

I've loved catching up with you guys Jody! Thanks for taking the time and filling us in. You've been in my constant prayers and will continue to be there. I'm so glad you guys are able to get away and enjoy some vacation time as a family. Give your babies a hug from me!