Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fourth Of July!

Love the running around shots? It was impossible to get him to stay in one place let alone get one picture with them together! LOL....

He insisted in wearing 2 jackets. It was rather chilly like in the low 60's and drizzling at times.

Princess opted out for the red white and blue theme this year. It gets harder as they grow up to have them comply with mother's wishes!

One shot I was able to get with them all together!

Yes, I decorate for the 4th also!

IMG_2445, originally uploaded by My fun place.

My favorite shot although it is not real clear!

A quiet 4th for us this year. We had a picnic outside in the backyard. Then we did our own fireworks in front of the house. Princess does not like the loud Booms but tolerated it. Emperor on the other hand was just right there e in the midst of everything saying ooh and aah.

Where we live everyone does their own fireworks. It can go on until 1 am in the morning. We can also see fireworks from various area's of outlining Seattle.

Truly a 4th to remember for Emperor the first of many!

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Cora said...

looks like a lot of fun! We do the same watch our neighbor's shows.