Monday, March 8, 2010

The days run together!!

Friday we took the Bullet train from Changsha, Hunan to Guangzhou, Guangdong it is a 2.5 hour ride. The train travels at up to 250 mph. What an incredible treat it was to see the country side with oxen, families working in the rice pads, occasional cow, and very poor shacks. We went thorough some cities on the way that were heavily populated. When we got to GZ we had an hour ride in the Victory Hotel bus which is a Mercedes Benz van. It was interesting to see more expensive cars like BMW's and some Porsche's. The city is bustling with activity and people do not have the right of way cars do!! That is so scary to me. If a person is crossing the street and can not make it all the way across they stop where they are and the cars go around them.
Got to the Victory Hotel and the new wing where we were going to stay is having alot of construction going on around it. So we were put in a standard room in the old wing. Well, there was literally no room to move around with the luggage. on top of it the brought us a baby stroller, a baby bath and a crib. We were crawling over each other. I was miserable. We called downstairs and we are moving to a Chinese Suite tomorrow afternoon. The old section is just that old!! It is still extremely noisy with all of the government construction going on on the sidewalks. Richard our guide said this is the 3rd time they have torn up the side walks in the last few months. It is crazy here....
So, we ate some fried rice and curry chicken for dinner. It was yummy. Tomorrow we go to have Jon Jon's medical exam at 10 am. Then we will go shopping for pearls, out to lunch at a Vegetarian restaurant and to a temple.
Should be fun. I am beginning to get very homesick for my girl. It is so hard to be here and she is at home. We found out that she is sick and that is even more difficult. Pray that she gets over her cold soon.
We definitley have a Spicey boy from Hunan!! It sure is fun though. Whereever we go he attracks attention. He says hi and bye to everyone and gives them big smiles!!


Jimh. said...

Can't wait to see all of your photos! He is bound to make everyone smile here too! Best wishes!


Kayce said...

I wish we had of done the train while we were there. It is crazy with all the construction going on in Guangzhou!