Wednesday, September 24, 2008


On Monday we got our forms in the mail for renewing our fingerprints from USCIS! I was really excited. Opened them up and saw the date they gave us for our appts. Tuesday,Oct. 9th, 2008. I got to thinking and pondering about this date. Check the calendar and low and behold hubby is out of town that day! Can you believe it? When he wrote the letter he specifically put on there the dates we were unavailable.

UGGH.... Now I have to go thru the process of redoing the letter and hoping that they get it right this time. Such is life. Eventually we will be getting our little girl. Oh how I wish I could hug her right now and tell her how much I love her!



Cora said...

Sorry to hear about that but it sounds about right. Good luck getting another appointment. One benefit for later appointments is that you 18 months does not start until you get the approval.
Have a great day.

E said...

What a pain! Its crazy they dont let you let it expire until you are close to referral to renew it. How many times have you done it at this point? Its just crazy. I hope they reschedule it for you and that its an easy process!!!