Saturday, September 1, 2007

A visit from Nanny and Papa

Hi again,

We have been incredibly busy this last week. School starts next Tuesday for Gabby. We have been busy having play dates with friends, school shopping , meet the teacher day etc. My mom and dad are here visiting for a few days before they leave on their cruise for Alaska on Sunday. We will also get to have them stay with us for one night when they return.

Mom and I went shopping for Gabby on Friday to Gymboree. We found some adorable new outfits on sale. They are having an extra 20 % off this Labor Day weekend. We got her like 6 out fits!! Of course I had to look at what they had for a smaller girl size ? for a 2-3 yr. old. They had so many adorable things. I alas was good though and didn't buy a thing! Believe me it was hard.

Today we drove up to the new resort Suncadia. We had lunch and toured a couple of the model homes for sale. It is a gorgeous area and the day was absolutely beautiful. We had fun walking and seeing the golf course. The homes are spectacular and a mere 1.25 million! We will be buying one very soon ...HA HA! I wish. We would love to live in an area like this.

We were talking with my parents today about our precious girl waiting for us in China. They are so very excited and hope that the time of referrals speeds up. I do to, but I am not sure it will. We realized while driving in our 4Runner today that we will have to have a third seat when she comes. Otherwise when family comes to visit we will have to take 2 cars. HUM... I think I would like a new car in a few years. Although I love the Toyota 4 Runner. It drives like a dream.

My dear daughter, I dreamt of you last evening. Your face was so sweet with beautiful brown eyes and dark hair. Your smile was warm and bright to see. I know in my heart that you will fit perfectly into our family. Hum... maybe you have been born and maybe you are but a mere thought at this time. Where ever you are may you know that we love you and will be coming to get you as soon as we can. We can't wait to see you.

Love, Mommy

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