Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, It looks like I have fallen behind in blogging! OOPS. I was on a roll there for awhile. Ever since my Aunt died I have been turned upside down. I have had a hard time getting back on track with everything. Things have gotten busier here. Gabby is doing really well in school and seems to like her new teacher.

Fall is here to stay in the Pacific Northwest. We have drained the water from the pool and have to let it dry out before folding it up to store it. The mornings are cold and in the 40's and the highs are maybe into the low 60's during the days. I love this time of year. We got a few fall things (cabbage, mum's and a dogwood tree) to plant in the front yard last weekend. I need to buy some new bulbs though to plant under the plants.

We got a new cat. She came from a shelter . She was surrendered by her owner. Her name was Sweetie Pie but we decided to call her Sasha. She is 11 months old and is white with black and gray tabby. She has green eyes and is on the petite side. She loves to play and is very gentle and affectionate. She is a little skittish around the dogs but does better when they are one on one with her. I took a picture of her yesterday and will have to post it.

We continue to get Quilt Squares for 100 Good Wishes Quilt. I think we have around 6-7 now. I've got to wash and iron my fabric and then cut it out and get going on this project. I know we have plenty of time 2-3 years but our April 2007 DTC group wants to have them sent out by the end of December. YIKES! I've got to get on the ball.


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