Sunday, January 3, 2010

All About Jon Jon!!

Where do I start about this precious boy that has stolen our hearts? Yesterday he turned 20 mos old! Happy Birthday little one! You are just the cutest thing there is! I love your big eyes that are so expressive and have so many things that they are waiting to share with us.
I love your sweet little smile hiding your 6 teeth. Can't wait to hear your laugh and giggle. To have a first kiss from you and a wave hello.... I dream about these everyday.
Your adorable pudgy hands and of course those sweet baby cheeks that I so want to kiss!
You were meant to be ours from the day I saw your adorable face staring back at me from my computer.

Yes you have special needs, but in the scope of life don't we all? Some are just well hidden or just seen as a quirky trait. In my eyes I love your face and your little peanut for an ear. You can hear out of your ear which is fantastic. We will have you see some doctors to fix your ear and your jaw. I know it will hurt but Mommy and Daddy will be with you as well as our GOD who will protect you. Will life always be a bed of roses for you? No.... But we will be here for you to help you understand and to look past the people that may treat you unfairly. Because in our eyes you are perfect and so loved!!

We have gotten 2 updates just in the last few day on our son. Oh how lucky are we to have this information!!

The first update was from Ann with Red Threads China who sent Jon Jon his package. We asked 10 questions that his Foster family answered.

xia yi wei sleeps with his caretaker .
xia yi wei likes all kinds of new toys ,such as toy cars .
He does not have any foster brother or sisters .
Meal time :7:00 am ,12:00,18:30
Sleep time :13:00 and 20:30
His right ear still can hear sound.
When he is sad ,play with him,talk with him or hold him or pat his back touch his head ,then he will be fine .His personality is quite sweet and gentle .
He is not picky with his food ,but he does like to eat sweet food and good smell food.
He likes to play outside ,or go to his neighbour`s houses to play ,he does not need to play in the orphanage !

I noticed that he likes to eat sweet food. To funny that he has a sucker in his hand for the photo!!

The next update we got this morning from a family that had been to Zhuzhou for a return trip with their daughter that they had adopted from the orphanage.

"We did not get to see Jon Jon. Because
of road construction, it now takes his family 7 hours to get to the ZZ SWI
instead of 1.
If the roads hadn't been a problem, we probably would have seen him because
there was a Christmas
program when we were at the orphanage, and many of the ZZ foster kids were

We did ask about him, and the word they used to describe him is "active."
Apparently, he says hi to
everyone and wants to be picked up by everyone. This was not meant as a
negative--he just seems to be one
of those kids that everyone knows because he is so outgoing. No one had anything
to say about his SN--just lots of
smiles and giggles when I asked about him."

I am so very excited and happy !!! To get all of this information is so amazing to me.
That he is a happy and well loved little boy is so amazing. That he is active ,says hi and wants to be friendly is a good thing. We will obviously keep a close rein on him at first so he knows who Mommy and Daddy are before we start introducing him to friends etc.

Each day I keep on falling more in love with you sweet Jon Jon! May God keep you safe and healthy until we come to bring you home.

Come on TA!!!


Cora said...

so happy to hear you got such wonderful news. It is so important to waiting parents like us to hear out little ones are being taken car of until we can hold them in our arms.

Colleen said...

I am so happy you got some news....look at that sweet little face and those beautiful deep eyes!!! I can't wait for you to have that sweet boy in your arms...just lovin on him!!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

So glad you got information about Jon Jon..
Can't wait to see him in your arms..
Have a great week..

TanyaLea said...

Praise God for these updates on your precious little boy! Can't wait to see JonJon in YOUR arms!!


"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."

~Proverbs 25:25 (KJV)

Nicole said...

Oh I love the update! Doesn't it just make this wait just a bit easier!
Can't wait to see our TA announcement!

Mom 2 my boys said...

What a great update and I love that he is being loved on. "Just pat his back and he will be okay". Pure sweetness.

Going nuts with excitement for all of you!

Amy said...

Aw, Jody, what a GIFT these updates are! Jon Jon is so precious. I can only imagine how anxious you are to hold your baby boy in your arms. I am SO looking forward to seeing those first pictures of Jon Jon with you and Brent and Gabby...pure JOY!

Love and Prayers...and a big ol' HUG as you wait...come on TA!!!

Colleen said...

Hey girl!!!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog...yes I did make the page on my post and I redid my blog myself...with the help of my sweet friend Lisa...I think redoing my blog is going to be addicting!!!