Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

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Today was our day to go to the USCIS and have our fingerprints redone for the 3rd and final time. It feels so good to say that! It went off with out a hitch except they used the wand on me due to all of the metal in my ankle and arm. LOL! Just a fact of life now.

When we got home we had a package from our agency. Opened it up and it had all of the information about making our travel arrangements, a big brown folder to collect all of the documents in to take for the various appts. we will have and how much everything will cost. YIKES...It is alot of money to come up with.

We had our homestudy update for Jon Jon done by phone a couple of weeks ago. USCIS sends you a new updated I171 H form matching your request. There was one problem with our form... they were wiring the results to Ad dis Abba, Ethiopia!!! Can you believe it!
Got on the phone the next day with our agency and they submitted a request to correct the form. The correct form arrived with wiring the results to Guangzhou, China Dec. 24th.

May I say that it has been an exciting end of the year for us. We look forward to what 2010 has to bring into our lives. I got an update to our questions of Jon Jon's foster family. I will post about them tomorrow.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year filled with new possibilities of positive changes in our lives!


Amy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, SWEET FRIEND! 2010 holds so much JOY! in store for your family!!! I can't wait to watch it all unfold! (((HUG)))

Cora said...

Happy New Year, I can't believe they were wiring your forms the Ethiopia, wow that is a side trip. Glad it all got worked out. 2010 will be a great year!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy New Year..
this year will bring many changes and great ones to say the least..

Isabel Turner said...

Happy new Year Jody

Jon Jon looks gorgeous!!! We so hope you'll get your TA this week!

We're geting a bit nervous now that our trip is so soon... just over a week from now we'll finally get to hold him in our arms.

Bags half packed already, probably gonna pack and repack them several times before we go!
Hugs Isabel & Paul

Mom 2 my boys said...

I cant wait to hear about the update! Yay! So excited, I expect to see a "TA" announcement soon :)

Miss you, need to get together coffee this week when the kiddos are back in school. Two days, not that I am counting ;)

Mom 2 my boys said...

Hi! It's me checking in for new news :)

Hope the New Year is the best yet!