Monday, December 7, 2009

We Signed It!!

Well, last evening we signed our LOA for Xia Yi Wei Jonathon in Zhuzhou,Hunan. Hubby is dropping it off at our agency today. I called them today to ask some more questions. It looks like we will probably be traveling by ourselves since we are SN's. I was thinking maybe they would send us with the latest batch of referrals but they didn't get any.

Jon Jon we are your new mommy and daddy to be!

CNY is from Feb. 14th and ends on Feb. 28th this year. So, we will probably try to go before or after to keep down the travel costs. I've heard it can be a rather noisy time to be there. Lots of fireworks and dragons and lanterns!!! Sounds like fun to me!!

This past weekend we had our big function for Northshore Special Families. It is our Santa event for our children with SN's. This is a group that a couple of parents and a teacher started back when our kids were just in Kindergarten. We saw a need for a social network for families in our area. It was a small group initially of just 4-5 families and now we have over 100 members. We have Special Santa, monthly mom's night out events, monthly potlucks where the kids come for a playdate and the parents chat and eat, we have playdates and sponsered gatherings for the children, and we also started a race Can Do Race to raise funds for our programs and to give back to the community.

My daughter and her girlfriend at Special Santa.

Aren't they cute!!

So I went to Ladybugs and Love site today to order my care package for Jon Jon and Angela is officially out of the office in China for the next month. I am so disappointed. I have heard such great things about their services. I could order the package but we would get it after Jan. 2010. So, I will probably try another site. I am bummed.... I want to send.him a package before Christmas.There are so many choices of what to send them with a basic package. It will be hard to choose!

Sweet Dreams ....


Michele Huff said...

Jody, you can send a package yourself - all the info including mailing labels are in the ZZ Families file section. Let me know if you need any help finding the files.
~Michele (ZZ Families)

Mom 2 my boys said...

You are in "labor"!!!!!!!!!! May the time fly as your prepare to bring your son home. We cant wait to celebrate Jonathon and his homecoming! Until then may you all have sweet dreams of each other~

luv ya!!!

TanyaLea said... won't be long now. How incredibly surreal. I can't wait to be in your shoes!! :)

I love that your community has formed a social network for SN families...what a wonderful support!

Have a blessed Christmas!! <><


Shirlee McCoy said...


Teresa said...

Jon Jon is just precious!!! Congrats on your LOA ~ it came on our youngest son, Nicholas' birthday:) We sound like me may be traveling close together ~ you never know Jon Jon and Gabriella may end up meeting each other in China:)

Angie S said...

YAY! i'm praying for you guys as you prepare to bring your precious lil' son home!! can't wait to meet him! <3