Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Have We Been Up To?

Well lets see, we are waiting for that illusive TA. We are now on day 37. We have been filling out paper work for our agency about what we would like for Travel arrangements. We sent our VISA applications to a courier in San Francisco,CA. We hope to have them back next week. We are looking at flights and how to use our mileage to book our flights. I have an awesome Mom and Dad that have donated 189,350 miles to our accounts that I will combine with my miles. We are hoping to have enough to fly business class both ways. I will keep you posted. Talking over everything with our agency it looks like we will be leaving around Feb. 22nd? possibly. CNY starts Feb. 14th and we new I could not travel before then with my ankle.

We are talking about staying at The Victory Hotel in Guangzhou vs. The White Swan. We hope to stay in the old annex which has been remodeled and has large rooms compared to the WS.
It is alot cheaper and will save us some.

Next I want to share with you this adorable little girl named Gwynne she is 1 1/2 that we are sponsoring for a year through Pearl River Outreach linked. I so fell in love with her! Don't you just love her curls and her gorgeous smile? She is now a Bamboo Baby and is being taken care of in Changsha, Hunan. I am so hoping and praying that when we are in Changsha that we can go and see her and take her a gift. Trying to arrange it all now. I so pray that she will find her forever family and she is just precious and so full of life!

If you would like to help out a child please go to the site as they have a few that need sponsors.

Now I have got to go and work on Jon Jon's room some more! So much fun!! I have not given up on getting my auction site up. I am overwhelmed with arranging rooms and getting things ready. I promise it will open this week with a few items!!

Blessings to everyone. Thank you for all of your sweet and caring comments!! I love to read them and you are all dear friends!

Jon Jon we are so anxious to have you here with us! We can't wait to come to your homeland to see your beautiful country and bring you home to your new home!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you have been busy.. but before long you will be traveling..
Have a great week..
Can't wait to see Jon Jon's room and to see the cute things up for auction..
have a great week..

Kim and Matt said...

Just curious what does a Bamboo Baby mean? I just started following you about a month ago. We are in the process of our HS for a waiting child from China.

Mom 2 my boys said...

See you tomorrow, cant wait to help in Jon Jons room!!!!!!

Now come one TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayce said...

Ohhhh I want to see Jon Jon's room! Bring ON that TA!!!!

Amy said...

Aww. Gwynne is so very precious. I hope her family finds her soon...what a treasure.

sweet momma luv u said...


A Bamboo Baby is a child that is in the Pearl River Outreach foster care program. They are at several orphanages in China.
You can go to the link for their website in the post to find out more about them.

Thanks for following!