Sunday, January 17, 2010

So Sorry For The Cliff Hanger!!! (long post)

Okay my life is just a little bit crazy right now! After I wrote the previous post I went to the Orthopedic Surgeon for my follow up appt. I am doing very well and he is pleased with my progress. I will start PT in 2 weeks and will be walking around more with out the cam boot on and just an ankle brace on. I actually am starting to alternate my steps on the stairs which is fantastic!!

While I was gone FED EX dropped off a package for us! Guess what was in side?

Our Passports of course with our Visa's inside!!

I love that Red seal on everything!! It makes it so official looking.

So, I really thought getting TA was a big thing like you got another formal letter or something. Not so, I just got an email from our agency saying they had it on Thursday night 1/14/10. So it is official and we can begin to plan our trip for China!

The next step is we are waiting on our Consulate appt. Which will take place in Guangzhou.
Once we get that hopefully the first of this week we will confirm our flights and hotel reservations etc.

Initially we wanted to travel during CNY arriving in Changsha Feb. 21 and having Gotcha day Feb.22 stay there through the week and fly to Guangzhou over the weekend and CA on March 1 and return home March 5th. Well that would have been fine but I then realized that I forgot to think about dear Princess and what was best for her. See she has Mid-Winter break Feb. 14-22. We would have been leaving right during her vacation time. For some kids that would have been fine but for her it is not. It could completely throw her off and make it a miserable time for Auntie taking care of her. Yes we finally have some one to watch her. Auntie KK will becoming from NY to stay with Princess and keep her on her routine and also have fun with her!! We bought a web cam actually 2 so we can Skype with them while we are in China. Hubby is testing it out now as I type this. So, ms. E we can skype you too! It is a free service which will be great to have after we get home to use with our parents in CA.

So tentatively our schedule is to leave on Sat. Feb. 27 and arrive in Hong Kong Feb 28. Stay over night and then take a flight to Changsha on Monday March 1. Not sure if Gotcha day will be later that afternoon or the next day. Stay there for the week and possibly weekend depending on when GD is. They need 4 days to get the Passport ready for Jon Jon before we can leave for Guangzhou. We will then go to Guangzhou and have his medical exam one day then the CA appt. stay for a few days until his Visa is ready and then leave to come home.

We have reservations on Korean Air but have until Tuesday at noon to change them if needed. There is one other option that we might consider which would allow us to fly into LAX,CA and see our family coming home. We could actually stay a night or 2 with them in Newport Beach and then return to Seattle area. It all depends on our Translator making appts. for us etc.

I will keep you in formed though and map out our schedule when we know for sure.

Another neat thing happened. I meet a new family at our church that adopted from China beginning of Dec.! They have a precious 13 mos. old daughter named Sophie! I am so excited to have another family at our church to connect with. Sophie is just adorable and is a very happy girl. She continues to get stronger everyday and has such a cute little giggle. The family was a March 2006 family.

Today I made hubby go to the garage and pull out the Peg Pergo Stroller, the Britax car seat(we will have to replace it as it is over 6 yrs. old) the Baby Jogger, and the Off Terrain stroller. I am so very excited to be able to use these again. I made sure when I got them for Princess that they were not girly as you never know what is going to happen!! Well, I think that was a good choice!! They are all gender neutral. He will look just smashing in them!!

I love that the stroller is front or rear facing for him! Isn't Katie cute? This is Princesses life size doll that Auntie got her when she was 4 yrs. old. At the time Katie was taller than Princess. LOL!!

We also got our new I 171H form with our new fingerprint Expiration dates of 03/30/2011.
Happy Weekend!! Hubby and Princess are off tomorrow. We are going to work on Jon Jon 's room maybe sleep in.... yeah right!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like things are falling into place.. Love it..
Before long you will have your family all together..
Can't wait..
Have a great week...

Cora said...

Yea for the TA! Love the stroller, that is something we need now since I gave our baby jogger to my sister this weekend. But it made her cry so it was all worth it.
Can't wait to see ya in China and see Jon Jon in your arms.

Kayce said...

Fantastic post!!!!! I can not wait to follow along on your journey to Jon Jon! I only wish we were there together. HUGS!!!!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, so much activity, Jody!

So happy that you have all set for Princess to be super comfy which will help you and hubby to be super comfy as you settle in with Jon Jon, too. It's all coming together, Jody!!!

We'll all be reading posts from China before we know it! XO