Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Snapshots {He Sleeps...}

In a big boy bed now!!!

First night in his bed!

So, our little Emperor turned 3 in May. Since we have been home (March 2010) he has been sleeping in a crib. Sometimes it was easy getting him to bed and other times it was difficult. He always wanted to fall asleep in our bed. For awhile this was fine with me.... it was a great way to bound with him. We would sing, tell stories and just snuggle together. He would fall asleep and we would transfer him into the crib. On occasion he would wake up,but not that often.

Then as the months went by he would not fall asleep very fast. I would end up spending hours with him. There came a point in our relationship that I needed to change this. So, I tried just doing the night time routine with him in the crib. Not so comfortable for me leaning over the crib. We tried doing the routine in our bed and then having him walk to his room and putting him in the crib.Some times this was fine and other times it was not. On those occasions he would just wail until I came back in to comfort him. This would take about 10 mins. and then he was out.

In the morning when he would wake up he would start moving around alittle then to standing up and shouting for us anywhere from 5:30-7:30 when we would get up. So, one day I had a talk with him about the crib. It went like this.....

Me JJ do you like your crib?
LE No Mommy.
Me Why JJ?
LE Cause it's for babies.
Me Oh....
LE I wann sleep in the big bed (we have a twin bed in his room). I'm a big boy now.
Me Okay honey we will try it tonight.

He has to have his blanket and his Panda Bear named Simon with him every night. Our agency gave him the bear when he got home. I had the blanket made for him from here Southern Sassy Pants

I just love these monkeys for my little Monkey!!

WELL....that was 3 weeks ago and he has been totally fine with it. He sleeps through the night, when he wakes up in the morning he crawls out of bed and plays with his toys. He is now able to turn on the computer and starts playing STARFALL( this is an awesome Educational site). He loves his new found freedom! We do too! On occasion though he will be in different clothes with a clean diaper on when I go to wake him up. Oh what fun!!!

Anyone have idea's how to help him want to use the potty consistently? He knows how to use. He just prefers not to unless I take him and offer him MM's. Help!! He starts preschool in 1.5 weeks and it would be wonderful if we had this under our belt!

Sunday Snapshot


Cora said...

How wonderful he can tell you what he wants. It makes life so much easier when you can understand that. Good luck on the potty training I'm not looking forward to that part.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Big boy transition!

Kayce said...

Oh goodness what I would do to have our little cricket stay the night in her bed! ENJOY that momma!!! As for the potty...we too have a similar problem. I know she's ready but she would rather have that diaper on. I'm thinking of doing a week of just staying at home and dealing with the messes and leaving those underwear on regardless! :) Good luck my friend!