Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Snapshot First Haircut!

My precious boy love was so in need of a trim.... With his SN though I am just not sure what to do for a hair cut. This was his first haircut last September. I actually have only taken him in 2 times. I tend to like the longer look.
It shows off his beautiful eyes and cute nose.

Love those precious little lips... just makes me want to smother him in kisses and hear that adorable little giggle he has!!


There were no tears and no fears on his part. He just climbed right in to the jet and became the greatest Blue Angels pilot!!


He had a blast flying that jet! On occasion he had to be reminded to sit still and keep his seat belt fastened..... LOL!!


It was an okay cut (I am not into the bowl cut). I had to fix it a bit as his hair grows differently on his right side. It needed to be feathered and shaped a little. So, we decided it was about the experience rather than the perfect cut the first time. Go ahead and join in at Ni Hao Y'all

Sunday Snapshot


Cora said...

That is the way I felt about Chloe's first cut. It was the experience and getting a shape for the future.
Jon Jon has the biggest eyes! So sweet!

Kayce said...

Adorable! We've yet to take Jenny in to have a professional cut and now that we've even stopped cutting her bangs I really need to consider doing it!

Stefanie said...

I think he looks adorable - and what a precious little guy you have :)

P.S. I was able to link it up for you, not sure what the problem was you were having, but it worked fine!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Too cute! My kids would love to get their haircut in an airplane like that. :) And your little guy has the most gorgeous eyes!!!!

Love and blessings,