Sunday, August 7, 2011

Princess is now 12!

I know I have been gone for awhile. I would imagine that you all have forgotten about us and wondered what has happen to us. We are still here and trying to have summer here in the PNW. The later has been difficult as we have had a very rainy,gray summer most of the time..... Oh how I long for the sun! Enough of that.... we are still enjoying our selves as a family of 4!

We took an early summer vacation to Newport Beach to celebrate princesses 12th birthday, father's day and just enjoy being with family. Of course the weather in So. CA during the month of June is known as June gloom! Yes, that is what we experienced! It could not burst our sunny bubbles though as we had so much to celebrate and do!

We had a great trip and got to see most of our family! I will share more pictures tomorrow.
BD Girl


California summer 2011 032

California summer 2011 059


Cora said...

Love that 2nd picture but she looks like such a young lady where did the little girl go.
Happy Birthday Princess!

Looks like Jon Jon like his ice cream as much as Chloe :)

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

What a beautiful young lady she's growing into! Don't will be high school and beyond soon enough!

Send some of that gloom to us. It's been a HOT summer!

Kayce said...

Happy Birthday to the princess!!!! She is growing up into a beautiful young lady! Her smile is beyond beautiful!!

We've had the same gloooooooommmmmmmmy summer here too. :(