Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshot...Princess Is A 6th Grader!

As Mom of a child with Autism days can be awesome, okay or just terrible. Princesses 1st day of school was Weds. I have been preparing her that she was going back to school for the last 2 weeks. I have made sure that I get up around 6 and get her up around 7. I am making sure to give her meds around 7 also. Then she can listen to music and ponder her day for a few minutes. Then I make sure to set her up with everything to get dressed with. I give her help if she requests it. Then she will make her bed and come downstairs(I might have to call for her 2 times). I am trying to have her make her lunch and help with making her breakfast.

Today was an awesome day. There was some anxiety before leaving the house. I have to remain calm and not let her outbursts phase me. Not always easy to do when we have a timeline to leave the house by. Once out of the door today she started smiling and skipping to the car. She was so happy! It made me feel so blessed that God would fill her heart with joy for her first day of school!

Not ready for pictures yet,but trying to warm up that smile.

Enjoying a yummy breakfast of french toast, applesauce,banana and cereal.

Waiting to get in the car. Carrying all of her school supplies. Mom has her backpack.

Excited but, anxious at the same time. Love the big happy SMILE!

Gabby with her wonderful Para at school.

So the story doesn't complete end there. After dropping off Princess, little Emperor had a meltdown in the car on the way home. He started crying and raising his voice at me. Guess what he was so upset about....? "I want to go to school, I don't want to go home." I slowly calmed him down and talked about Preschool starting next week for him. He immediately came home and made a picture for his teacher. So sweet!

We have him signed up for Preschool 2 mornings a week in the 2-3 yr class. We have orientation this coming Tuesday. Thursday will be his first real class. He is so excited! He practices his ABC's,numbers,coloring and cutting paper. He is already writing letters and numbers too! When I enrolled him last spring I thought he might have a hard time away from me. That is why we placed him in the 2-3 age class. Now I am not sure that was the right choice. I did talk with the director and we can move him up into the 3-4 age class which is 4 mornings a week. I guess we will see what happens.

Sunday Snapshot


Stefanie said...

Hey Jody,
Got it all linked up! Thanks for participating... I think the problem was that you have to link only the specific Sunday Snapshot post, not the whole blog.
Like this:
Happy Sunday!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I have to remain calm and not let her outbursts phase me. REMEMBER this and life with a teenager will be soooo much easier. It took a while to sink in with us!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That's so sweet that he wants to go to school too!

Cora said...

Love those first day pictures! Awesome days are so great and a great way to start the year. Hope JJ enjoys his first day just as much where is the time going the little are growing too fast some days.

Hello, I'm Laura said...

Oh the bittersweetness of the first day of school! It's good to treasure it all.

5ennie said...

So glad the morning went well!
Here from Sunday Snapshot.

Kayce said...

I can not believe your beautiful girl is in 8th grade!!! Time moves way too fast! I hope all goes well for your Emperor this week! Lots of love to you guys