Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 4.....

Well, we have been really enjoying this challenge!  If you want to see what I am talking about go visit Christie at Bushel And A Peck. She is sponsoring this great challenge of No Spending For 30 Days.

Yesterday was Day 4 for us.  We are trying to clean out the pantry and only buy the essentials at the store. 
 Breakfast was French Toast, Stripples, Rasberries & Blackberries (freshly picked from our neighborhood bushes).
 Lunch was just snacks for the kids Yogurt pops, & Apple slices
 Dinner was Veggie Cheese Burgers, Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Southwest Quinoa Salad, and Grapes

I love to cook and we try to eat healthy. Hubby is Vegan, Princess is Vegetarian and Emperor and I  will eat occasionally Salmon,Turkey or Chicken.  So , we use alot of grains and beans in our meals. There are times where we use processed  items from Morning Star  to fill in the gap with protein.  I preferr to eat Clean though and I am really trying to do this. I feel so much better.

We have had a beautiful weekend here in the Seattle area. Temp's are in the 80's and lots of gorgeous sunshine! It makes me so happy!  Being raised in Southern California I love the SUNSHINE! Don't get me wrong I really enjoy all of the lush green of the the PNW. I could just do without all of the rainy, gray days that produce the wonderful beauty. this year has been really bad. Our summer so far has been a total of 2 weeks of sun.

So, Emperor has been sick. He woke up yesterday and was feeling better. He still had a stuff nose and little sniffles. His energy was back  though! I thought we would never get him to bed last night. He was so full of it!

He helped me cook yesterday!  He ran upstairs to our dress up chest and found this outfit.
It was Princesses when she was little.

                                            My little Chef!          


Sammons said...

How did that Baby Boy get so big so fast??? I am happy to see that things are going well and I will make sure not to stay away so long from now on!!! Hugs!

shelley said...

now that is one handsome chef. good luck we have almost finished week 1!!

Young Creations said...

Your Little Chef is adorable

Christie said...

So glad you're sticking to it! I know it's hard - but I love hearing the stories of how people are making it happen! So great!!