Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 3......

Well, I am behind in posting for Day 1 and 2. I will catch you up here on Day 3.

Day 1 was basically uneventful. We followed our plan. No spending urges at all. We did have Swim lessons for the kids. Of course Princess asked if we could stop for DQ ice cream on the way home. She was not to happy about it at first when we said No. She did understand though. She happily ate a cookie at home instead.

Waiting in the pool for Swim lessons!

Day 2 was just an off day for little Emperor. Everything was a struggle and a meltdown. We went shopping at FM for groceries. Huge meltdown, sobbing, yelling, etc for almost the entire time we were in there which was about 30 mins. I finally broke down and promised him we would run to the toy section. I is only Day 2 of the Challenge.

Well, let me tell you the whole story. We had bought some fruit cups there that were damaged last week. So, I had to return them and got cash back. IT was a whole $2.45 cents. This was the money that I used to buy him 2 mini match box trucks which were $1.09 each. With tax it was $2.40. So, I think that was okay....or at least in my head it was okay. I was not wanting a melt down at the cash register. Which we did not have. He was smiling and talking the registrar.

Cute little Match Box trucks. We love that they have moving parts!!

Well, that did not stop the tantrums. When we left the store he proceeded to try and throw the trucks on the ground. So, mean old MOM took them away. He proceeded to show his wonderful side all the way home( 7 mins). Got home and he continued as I unloaded the car and put things away. Tried to give him his trucks again and he threw them again. So, I took them again. After about 10 mins. he changed his tune and was sobbing because he did not have his trucks. We sat down on the sofa and had a talk about the correct way to handle our anger and frustrations. He finally got his cars back and was happy.

I had a follow-up appt. with my Orthopedic Surgeon for my Planter Fasciitis. Emperor again was not happy about riding in the car and had a tantrum for 10 mins. Finally fell asleep 15 mins. away from the Dr.'s office. I had to wake him up . He was not cranky thank goodness. Had a good Dr's. appt. Fasciitis is healing. I will continue with the home program set up by the Physical Therapist. On the way home I so wanted to stop at Starbucks for an grande Iced skinny Vanilla Latte. Literally every one that I pasted was calling my name. After all I was so deserving of this right?! It was so hard not to stop,but....I resisted! I made coffee at home instead.

Emperor continued to have meltdowns all day. By the end of the day he was more congested, runny nose and sneezing. So he was coming down with a cold. Poor thing....Sleeping was not good last night. We are all pretty exhausted.

Day 3 This morning we had to run to the pharmacy to pick up Tylenol and cough stuff for Emperor. Not in the plan but a necessity. HE is feeling a little bit better, but still a crank miester!!

Finally fell asleep with hubby for a nap after fighting it for 2 hours!

We had hopes for going to Mt Rainier today to hike and picnic. Alas we are home with sickie. It is a beautiful day so we ate outside for breakfast and lunch. Plans to eat out side for dinner too. Lunch was Peanut Asian rice bowls. Yumm....
Dinner is Southwest salad and tortilla roll ups.

Love this sweet face.... He tends to get flushed with a fever.

Cute little piggy wiggly toes!!

So did anyone plan in Mid-Autumn Moon Festival for Monday Sept. 12th? Just curious. We will be going to a little gathering with some friends. It will also be Hubby's BD.


Christie said...

Jody, you are doing GREAT! I took one look at those last two pics, and out of my mouth came "oooohhh baby!" He looks so miserable and tired...I wanted to just hug him and we have BEEN THERE! I can totally imagine the tantrums, because Q throws them daily.

You hang in there! Life happens, but skipping the Starbucks is a HUGE hurdle.

shelley said...

You go are doing great in the face of so many distractions. Good job on the starbucks. We get slushes on friday little girl asked and then said,"oh yeah no money spending." we made koolaid slushes. we can do this, stay focused and call out for help when you need it.

Kayce said...

You're doing great my friend! Tantrums send me right to the nearest coffee shop so I KNOW your pain! I'm loving these pictures...loving! I hope your little guy is better...give him a squeeze!