Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Adorable Things Came Today!

Today was a fantastic day! I attended a Friendship Tea at NSB church. One of my GF's hosted a table for 10. There were 42 tables and no seats left. The function was completely sold out. What an amazing experience filled with friends and a gift of the seasons of tea. I have posted pictures on my other blog Our Cozy Cottage .

When I picked up the mail there was this sweet pink shipping envelope in our box and it was from my dear friend Cora Waiting For Little Miss What's Her Name blog. I absolutely just love everything she sent me! Thank you so much Cora. Princess loves her bow! The clips are just so sweet. I love cupcakes!!! The recipe looks fantastic and hubby is anxious for me to try it out. He adores anything chocolate... me too!

Okay can you tell she has gotten way to tall and I can no longer see the top of her head where her bows are unless I have her look down?!! She is like 4'9" and only 9 1/2years old. EEK.... Oh well she will just be tall like us!

So, I finally had to have her sit on the floor to get a good picture of her cute polka dot bow with a G on it!! She thinks its pretty special to have her initial on it.

These are all of the sweet clips! A pink with pink/green polka dots, a cupcake, cherries, another cupcake and a ribbon with cupcakes on it! I'm sure mei mei will just love them.

The recipe for "Best Chip Cookie Recipe Ever!"

Thank you so much Kim at Journey to Isabella for hosting this great clip/bow/recipe swap. It was oodles of fun!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE clippies..
Cora sent me that site for the mono. clippies..they are adorable...
Glad you enjoyed the swap..
Have a great Sunday..

Cora said...

Glad you liked them, and so glad that one is already being enjoyed!!
Have a good Sunday,

Kayce said...

What great clips!! I'm off to check out the site so I can get some for my sweetness!!