Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It Is Official!

As of Monday February 2nd, 2009 we are now in THE REVIEW ROOM!!! Yippee.
It has taken us 21 months and 3 days to make it into this room at the CCAA.
This is where the Chinese officials will spend time going through our dossier to make sure that everything is in order with our request for our precious daughter. If there is anything that they are uncertain of they will contact our agency and ask questions of clarification.
Lets pray that there are no questions and that we will make it through with flying colors.

Ten Things I am Thankful for.....

~friends who believe in you

~love notes

~art museums

~the first juicy bite of an apple

~ guitar solos

~wise words

~the familiar scents of home

~smooth landings

~the warming glow of a porch light

~homemade jams

Photos from Flickr creative commons


Colleen said...

Happy review room!!! Great post!!!! Love your 10 thankful things!

Kayce said...

YEAHHHHH!!!!!! Lets get a speed up going on! I love your 10 things! Guitar solos are the best!

Stars in the sky said...

Hooray! One BIG step closer to your sweet girl. I cant wait to meet her!

Lori said...