Friday, February 13, 2009

Homestudy Completed!

Well, You can say it took us along time to get our home study renewed! Thank goodness we had turned in our renewal for the I 171H before it expired way back when. We did our fingerprints again in Oct. Then my primary MD left her practice and I had to find a new MD. Uggh.... I hate Doctor appts. anyway and now I had to face finding a new Doctor and having her do my physical for the adoption papers.

So, I asked around and finally found a good Doctor that was really close by that I liked. I had to wait 2 months to get in for a physical. So while I was waiting I decided to do something about my weight. I went on a program and lost 38lbs Yahoo! I was very pleased and I still plan to loose some more weight but not in such an extreme way. I am eating small meals about 6 a day, avoiding carbs and eating alot of greens. I have continued to drop another 7lbs. Slow and sure now. My physical was fine.

We called our SW and she came to see us on Weds. evening. Completed our update visit and she will be sending it off to USCIS as soon as they get it typed up.
I am relieved and glad that it is behind us. I am not sure that we will do it again though. We are getting to that point where we feel we will be to old for another child even if it is a 2-3 year old. It is sad, but it could be a reality that we need to face.

Our agency has still not been put on the electronic CCAA list for WC. So, even though we are family #23 essentially it is non existent. So, we continue to wait and pray that something will change. Do I dream about her yes. I don't know if I can have complete faith in them though. Who knows maybe she will come to us via foster adoption. I just know that if it is meant to be it will happen because it is in God's plan not ours.

Meanwhile life here goes on. We continue to be really busy with #1 daughter and all of her various activities. I am co-chair for the Read-A-Thon at daughter's school this year. It is not a small task with 831 students to plan for. It has taken alot of work to coordinate it, prizes,volunteer's etc. for 2 weeks.

This is what I dream of....2 sisters sharing giggles and laughs and quiet moments together. Friends for life.............

Photo of Susan Rios painting from Pierside Gallery.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I see most everyone has to go through all the stuff like at the beginning.. we only had to do fingerprinting.. she didn't do anything for the renewal..
got lucky I guess..
Have a great weekend..
as for the scents for the scentsy pots.. I like cookie stuff.. like sugar cookie.. pumpkin roll, etc..
but going to get some others.. have pumpkin roll burning right now..

Cora said...

Happy Valentines Day!
Congrats on your Home Study and the weight loss!!! Woo Hoo I wish I could do that
I hope you find your baby somehow, this has been the hardest part of our journey to children. We think that we find away and then something changes.
Sounds like you are keeping yourself real busy!
have a great weekend.

Kayce said...

Congratulations!!! 38 pounds is awesome!! Reward yourself! And getting the HS done is huge!

redmaryjanes said...

Congrats on getting your homestudy completed. We are going to have our fingerprints done for the 3rd time now. Hopefully we will all have our babies soon :)

Colleen said...

Congrats on the weight loss that is fantastic. I'm happy the homestudy is behind you. My heart breaks for you. This wait is so long. I heard that you can now switch agencies if your agency does not have a SN list. I would check in to that. It would open a door for you really fast. : )
I'm sending hugs and kisses your way my friend {{{{hug}}}}}

Felicia said...