Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome Sweet Samuel!

I wanted to introduce you to my BF's precious little boy Samuel. He arrived in their lives 1 week ago! It is totally a God thing how he came to them. He was meant to be their son. Sweet Samuel you are a gift from God sent to the most wonderful and deserving family. May your life be filled with dreams,hopes,laughter and love!!

My precious friend and her bundle of joy!

I just love this smile!

I got to visit today and was his first visitor outside of family! He is just such a good baby. It felt absolutely heavenly to hold him. I did not want to let go!

I will check to see if she will allow visitors on her blog.


Cora said...

What a sweet little boy! Great pictures.

Stars in the sky said...

Thanks for sharing our great fortune! You are next!!!!

I LOVE the pic of you and Sameul, you are so pretty!!!

Feel free to share the blog, I love visitors :)