Wednesday, January 7, 2009


How many of you have ever been to The Nutcracker? When I was little I took Ballet for about 8 years. I dreamed of dancing in the Nutcracker. It never happened. I danced in other productions like Swan Lake, Hansel and Gretel, and
Peter Pan. My mother would take my sister and I at Christmas time to see The Nutcracker. I remember getting dressed in our best velvet dresses with bows and ribbons in our hair with our shiny black patent leather shoes on. We always had winter coats even living in Southern California. We wore them between the house and car and the theater. If we left them on we would be too hot.

We would find our seats with the magical lady holding a flash light to guide us to our row. We would sit down on these cushy old velvet chairs. You would kinda sink in to them. I remember the smells of the sets, the glitter and swish of the costumes and sounds of the toe shoes on the wooden stage. The Orchestra would be magnificent and I would jump when the tympani drums be came very loud and the cymbals would crash together.

To me it was a magical day filled with awe and excitement. I would dance and twirl for days dreaming I was Claire dancing with my Nutcracker.

This year we decided to take Gabby for her first time. the Pacific Northwest Ballet company in Seattle is at the McCaw hall. The sets are done by the children's author and illustrator Maurice Sendak. The highlights are the 27 foot Mouse King,the splendid Christmas tree that grows from 14-28 feet tall, and the land of snow. There are 170 performers from the school. It was simply spectacular! Gabby was just enthralled and loved every minute of it. Brent even enjoyed it. During the admission we had sugar mouse king cookies and hot cider to drink. My parents loved taking Gabby to see this and it brought back alot of memories for my parents and myself.

Gabby all giggly and almost ready to go!

Claire sleeping and the evening begins....

Mouse King Sugar Cookie!

Our family of 3 after a wonderful show!

What was your favorite part of The Nutcracker? Mine was the dance of the Sugar Plum fairies. It was always so magical and beautiful to me. This is definitely a tradition that we will be doing with our family from now on.

Sweet Dreams.....


k1 said...

I don't know the true name of the scene, but its when the "foreign" guys come ashore and do the leapfrog type of dance. The speed and coordination of their dance is amazing.

Cora said...

What a wonderful time. I have never been to see the Nutcracker, now I want to go and Christmas is over. But I will put it on the list for next year.
Great pictures!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, what a special evening.... I have always wanted to go and one day I will take my children and we will share the magic together... So glad your precious family got to share it with eachother.