Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today starts the process all over again

Well, today I finally got the renewal packet from AAO for our 171-H form. Thank goodness we just have to make copies initially. I can get everything done before we leave for CA. Next step will be to get it in the mail before Aug 19th when we leave. When I talked with our agency they will notify our SW we need a homestudy update. I will email her today also. Will make MD appt for when we return. As long as the main paper work is in before Sept. 19th and then we send in the homestudy part later we are okay. Why is it I always work best under a deadline? Scary thought!

:) Jody

PS: Don't you just love this picture of all the adorable shoes?


k1 said...

Hi Jody,

Can't believe I got the name wrong. Don't know where the Sage came from.

Friends from church own the travel agency right across the street from the restaurant. Ever feel like taking a cruise, stop in and see what they can do.

Yes, I work. For the SPD in the Fraud Unit. Some days I really hate my job. Too much to do and the bad guys never stay in jail, just keep getting out and keeping all of us busy. Oh well. At least I have a job! I should be thankful (and I am.... mostly).

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Will be at the church 9Am - 11ish Saturday to help clean the new building to get it ready for occupancy. Stop by if you are in the area!

Cora said...

So glad to here that you are renewing! I know you will find number 4 somewhere.