Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Total Amazment

Well, I watched the open ceremonies for the Olympics last night. What an amazing show. I could not believe the beauty of it all. I became incredibly sad and started crying . My emotions overwhelmed me as I thought about the time. When we were just starting out in this adoption journey we had the hopes of bringing our sweet cheeks baby cake home around this time of year. We talked about if we would be going before or after the games.

I was thinking about all of the parents that were in the same boat as we are, those that have pulled out, those waiting now 29 months, those that have decided not to pursue adoption at all and those that have pursued adopting from a different country or domestically. My heart was literally breaking and I had to turn off the TV. Now for me that is just not done for the Olympics. I am one that will watch everything that I can on it. I cheer for the USA, for the hosting country, and I cheer for the little countries.


E said...


I can so relate. My heart was broken watching the ceremony. I also turned it off. I kept telling Michael we were supposed to have a daughter from there. The process was downer and caused us so much personal stress, you know the story. We were told 6 months and it would have been over two years! Too much time when there are no answers. I also have all the families (including yours!) on my prayer list. I hope you are holding your child soon, from China or wherever God has them. Your heart will be whole soon, I just know it!!!!

Love ya!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Big Hug...... I know it is oh, so hard... but Jesus knows who your little one is and He will have you there in the precise moment you need to be to hold YOUR child.... as for now... He will give you the strength and the grace to get through this journey.... day by day.
God's Speed
Weeping may endure for a night but Joy cometh in the morning. Stay the coarse my friend.... He is faithful!

sara said...

The olympics are breathtaking! Our whole family is enjoying feeling a little closer to China!

Cool that we have the same LID! It was a VERY special day for us :)