Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Am Back Sort Of......

I decided to join in on Sunday Snapshots that Stephanie from Ni Hao Y'all hosts every Sunday. I have been wanting to do this forever and ever and have just not done it. Life has been busy and a little crazy around here at our house. I don't really want to get in to it right now but would just appreciate all of your prayers for us and Princess. We are really having a rough time.

Jon Jon on the other hand is just the most precious child! It is hard to believe we have been together just about 11 mos. He is a Mamma's boy and I love it that he is so attached to me! He is in the birth to 3 yr. EI program here for his Microtia. We are starting testing for transitioning to the Preschool level. They have in formed me that is is highly possible that he might not qualify. We are in line for an FM system to try out. He's comprehension and communication skills are like in the 98% for his age. He does have some articulation issues though and sometimes he is alittle behind in using full sentence structures for his age. Hey, I think that is pretty good when English is his 2nd language and he has only been her for about 10.5 months. It will be interesting to see what happens. Otherwise he is above target in most area's.

He is a bright, sensitive and empathetic little one. He can still be Hunan spicy though and definitely likes his way. No is his favorite word right now it usually has an explanation tagged on to it though of why it is NO. He is finally letting me go out without him. Although at times he will still cry for me when I am gone. We are hoping to have a CT scan after he turns 3 for his inner ear. It appears that he has an ear canal on his Microtia side. If this is the case we are looking into what is best for him. I am leaning towards a newer procedure which is called the Medpor. They tend to open up the ear earlier so the child can pick up on more language skills during the critical learning period of 0-5yrs of age. If the canal is not there they follow with that procedure. The only Dr's that do this are in Northern CA. Which will mean traveling and staying down there for a while. For my baby though anything is possible!

Ni Hao Yall

So today I am all about celebrating life with my precious boy! I was so not planning on a boy from China.... It is amazing how God works though. I saw his picture and I knew he was my son. Love at first sight. What a blessing he is and he loves learning about Jesus and praying too! He always prays for the the pumpkin patch (when we went in the fall) and climbing the mountain ( our sledding hill).

I hope to post more often as life is passing us by and I so want to stay connected to my bloggy friends. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Jon Jon is so cute!!!!

Nicole said...

Hey! Jon Jon looks so handsome!!!!
Pei also has a ear canal but very narrow. We had our first visit to the ENT. But the audiologist and the ENT did not agree if she had hearing in the microtia ear. The ENT sid no way but the audiologist said she haers something. So we hope for an MRI on the next visit. I am on the fence with ECI. I was going to call them and have them evaluate her and go from ther. Her speech is coming along really well and she is definitely advanced in some areas! But I am in uncharted waters here with her hearing.
So good to see you post and I hope everything gets better for you and your sweet girl.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What a handsome little man! It's so amazing how God will take us down roads we never thought we would travel....

Love and blessings,

The Gang's Momma! said...

What a cutie pie. Thanks for stopping by. Would LOVE to keep in touch and keep connecting.

Li'l Empress is pretty deaf in her microtic ear, with fairly normal hearing levels in the left ear. I'm behind in getting her re-eval'd for functional hearing support in her pre-school setting. Gotta get on that. She's due in March to meet with the ENT and Audio to start the convo about the BAHA or other options. She has total atresia of the ear canal, so surgically enhancing it or opening it even a little is not an option. So much to learn about and stay on top of. I love the learning, but I have to admit I've gotten a little lazy in the last 6-8 months with the push to keep learning and keep informing myself. One of my goals for this winter is to hop back on the wagon :)

We're actually moving toward and praying about a second adoption, for Gang member #6. Would love it to be another microtia kid, as our support network (based out of our local Easter Seals around the corner from the house) is firmly in place and it would be such a blessing to NOT have to learn from the ground up about another whole need. Which, I know, sounds really selfish of me. But we're open to whatever God leads us to do really, and will joyfully take whatever child HE has in His heart for us.

Stefanie said...

He is so precious!
Like you, we started out thinking girl, but God changed our hearts to 'boy' and we can't imagine our lives without our Jude!!
And your Jon Jon seems like the perfect fit for your family :) So glad you decided to join in on Sunday Snapshot this week! Hope to see you again soon :)

Kayce said...

Oh seeing you show up on my reader just made my day! :) You've been on my mind so much these last few months!!

Princess is in my prayers and I hope things smooth themselves out soon for you. I know it's been a rough go since coming home. You are all in my prayers.

You'd asked on my blog if Jenny has started saying "NO" yet...ummm yup!! It's her FAVORITE word and she'll even sing a little no no no no no song! Gotta love every minute of it though. These children are amazing gifts from God!

Well when you come down to NorCal I will be doing the happy dance!! :)

redmaryjanes said...

He is so darling Jody! What a cutie!

Cora said...

Jon Jon is Too Cute! I loved reading the update about him. I have no idea what to expect at our appointments with the ENT next month. But even though there is no hint of an ear canal Chloe will put her right side against things as if she is hear with that side.

Take Care, Cora