Thursday, October 2, 2008

101 Ways To Lift Your Spirits

I have this little book titled
101 Ways To Lift Your Spirits by Emilie Barnes. I decided since we could all use this in our lives especially with this whole adoption thing that I would try to post one a day. Here is what Emilie writes in the front of the book

If you're like the women that I meet, you long for a beautiful life-
a life where you can express the uniqueness of your God-given talents
and nuture your relationships with people that you love. You are hungry
for a life that reflects your personality and renews your soul. A life
that glows with a spirit of loveliness.

I believe this beautiful life is already there, in your hear. I hope
the ideas in this little book will help it shine forth whereever you live
and wherever you go.
~~~Emilie Barnes~~~~

So here we go! Fresh flowers are such an inexpensive way of saying welcome. You don't need a dozen roses from the florist. A bunch of daisiess from the supermarket, an iris from your yard, or even a handful of dandelions from the curb can proclaim,


So today I am going out and picking a few of my hydrangea's to put on the piano. I want to let my family and friends know that I care for them. I hope they will want to visit our house often!

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Kayce said...

What a perfect book! That passage is PERFECT and I love that you picked hydranga's to put in your house. I'm gonna find that book and get a copy!

Happy 17 by the way. Keep the faith!!

Oh by the way, I think you asked about ESRA on a comment. There is a link on my blog and you can find out about dogs in your area or other ways to get involved with them. They are GREAT people. We've even be thinking about becoming foster parents, but i'm afraid we might keep them all. ;)