Monday, July 21, 2008

Okay yes I am getting old!

Yes it is true my big 5 0 is this Sunday! I am trying to handle it with grace and style! The truth be known I can't believe it!! All of my friends are younger than me here in Seattle area and they can not believe how old I am. I guess that is a compliment. I have to agree I don't feel and look like I am going to be 50. I guess I have good genes. My parents are both in their 80's and look like they are in their late 60's.

So now you know why I am concerned about this long wait! We are no longer spring chickens. Life just keeps on rolling along.


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redmaryjanes said...

Hey girl! Embrace 50! It's just another milestone on your path to your child. It's not the age, it's the attitude!