Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's a really long wait and is getting longer

Well, what can I say .... I am feeling very discouraged about the adoption. I found out last week that there were 4,000 dossiers to China last April. Right now the CCAA just finished matching Nov. 2005 which had 2,000. It literally took them 6 months to do this. We are already looking at 22-24 months currently. Now with 4,000 DTC's we could be looking at 3-5 years before we will receive a referral. YIKES!! Everyone is predicting that the wait time is just going to increase. We can't wait that long. Gabby would be 11-13 years old. We would be 52-55 years old ourselves. Yes, we want a child but we can't wait that long.

Looking in to the WC and SN program through our agency. It is hard to weight everything out. We might look into Foster Adopt or another country if possible.

Keep us in your prayers .


Got a package today from our Secret Pal. She sent an adorable Hot Pink long sleeve TShirt that said "Lock Up Your Sons" and 3 cute Disney Fairies books. I loved the handmade ladybug card. She's must be crafty!

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